Totally Lame

 What do you call it when something looks like it can handle something but totally can’t?  I couldn’t run a mile. As I mentioned yesterday, MK and I did a little fun run Monday. Except it wasn’t fun. It was hard.

And now, two days later, my legs are KILLING me. Remember all that 10 mile run bragging I was doing? What on earth happened to that body? It looks the same – but that was apparently a loooong time ago. So I might fit in to little jeans still, but I lost all the skills from way back when. No more thinking all that skiing gave me super powers, no more putting off the gym since I’m so thin. It’s time to get undo all this lazy.

How bad is it – I mean, hashing is the easiest running there is. They feed you beer on trail. Everyone’s just goofing off. I was struggling so much I felt like I was wearing a 300 lb. fatsuit. We were supposed to run again last night but there was no chance at all that was happening. Friday is going to kill me…

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