Lesson Not Learned

This post has to be a little cryptic. I was going to blab all about the little details – but there’s a story about a guy who was on Twitter, mentioned he was going on vacation, and someone found his flickr page and broke in to his house and stole all the stuff he’d posted pics of, his toys and computer and all that (HERE’S THAT LINK, Thanks SB).

So – all I can mention(other than we live in Arizona, wink wink) a general story. It bums me out – I was all prepared to put up pictures for you and tell you all about the excitement and sheer joy I’m running on with the little gifts from my husband for my anniversary. I got two very nice things, but for fear of someone coming and hunting me down – it’s seriously made me a little paranoid – I can’t tell you. You’ll have to call and ask. And I’ll have to believe that you’re the kind of friend that won’t come stealing from me! And we’ll all just have to hope that my cell phone isn’t stolen…again. I’m still a little bitter…

(Speaking of which, another friend got their sunglasses stolen from the same place my phone was taken, just saying.)


I’m having nightmares that this girl I know that put up Facebook pictures of her new car gets it stolen, that people are going to all come after other people’s things. Be careful on the internet people!


8 thoughts on “Lesson Not Learned

  1. You’re funny– reminds me of someone else I know. Not sure if she still does this, but she used to travel with pounds and pounds of jewelry, b/c she was afraid someone would break into the house and steal it. But her seventy-two Coach purses? Just sittin in the closet.

  2. Our friends live around the corner from us on Kinney and had their house broken into immediately after they left for work. They stole all of their TVs, computers, purses, even old perfume!

  3. Thanks SB for finding that for me. You guys don’t even know how worried I’ve been lately…so cheesy…none of this stuff is ours – what would they even take? Gotta get over the paranioa…

  4. It’s not paranoid… after all, didn’t some heavy stuff of yours just walk off last time you were moving away from CA? You just need to think about where you leave things. We don’t exactly live in a high crime area, but if we’ve got the deck door open for the breeze, my purse isn’t sitting on the bar in plain view.

  5. make sure your privacy settings are locked down like Fort Knox…no one can see my Facebook profile in the least bit unless they’re my friend. I won’t even come up in a search

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