Santa Monica

The full story:

I drove up from San Diego at around noon. There was hardly any traffic until I really hit LA. I pulled up to The Viceroy Santa Monica:

Not too shabby...

Not too shabby...

SB showed up after my not cheap glass of wine and chat with my mommy in the lobby:

also not shabby.

also not shabby.

We dolled up and headed to The Lobster on the Pier.

feed me seafood

feed me seafood

We drank and ate 100$ worth of oysters, mussels, champagne, and wine – which was then graciously donated to us by the gentlemen that had originally given up their seats for us. 
We then made our way to the bar at The Huntley and continued to drink wine and champagne for which we did not pay until around 11, when we retired like good little girls after a leisurely stroll home.
Cost of trip: one tank of gas, three bags of M&Ms (for SB) and a Sprite for the ride home. Ta-Da!

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Three Years

As of tomorrow, we’ve been doing this marriage thing for three years. Tell me what I should have learned by now. The way I see it, two people that do the things we do (you’re kidding! I talk too much??? Wait, he’s quiet!??!) aren’t going to start trying a whole new life after the vows. But what I do totally know is that this thing does not survive, as I once thought. It evolves. And the struggle – and the FUN – is getting it to evolve together.

MK still doesn’t know the kitchen system. I still yell when he wants me to do anything not on my agenda. Whatever. My Momma and Dadd send me a card. So does Auntie. But to whom else does it really matter? We’re not the kind of couple that goes for a dinner. We don’t exchange gifts. We have had company the last two years, and maybe that will be our tradition.

I’m dumping MK tomorrow to head up to LA. My sweet love is there and I will go see her and impart all the wisdom of three years of marriage three months before she says her “I do”s. I will tell her it’s fun and hard. Stuff she and RB totally already know. I will talk about the trials and the realization that what one person thinks can matter so much. I am so fiercely in love it hasn’t been three years, it’s been a lifetime. And even if I don’t tell him until Friday (someday he’ll read this blog right?) he is the light of my life, the man of my dreams, the thread holding precarious me together.

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Shot The Car Resale Value

The day I got back from our big vacation trip I got some very important news. AS-H, the woman that introduced me to the love of my life, got me through college, and just generally rules was in town. Well, was in LA. I drove myself back up to Newport Beach and we ate some kick butt and actually healthy Mexican at Avila’s El Ranchito. The healthy was negated by the margarita but whatever! We drove over to Huntington for a little beach and shopping stroll and one more drink before she had to jet set back home. Being a giant super powered attorney rules.

Shortly thereafter(two days), MK got a call that one of his friends from high school was staying at her parents condo in Long Beach for the weekend. We’ve both known her forever too and couldn’t say no. We drove BACK up the good old I-5 again and partied at a couple really random places. Who would have thought we could end up at a karaoke bar, in LONG BEACH? It was rather surreal. When I think surreal, I think RB. So I phoned him and he came from LA to hang out with us. Wonder of wonders, there was a ROSCOE’S CHICKEN AND WAFFLES again, so of course we had to have some 3AM breakfast goodness.

Brief aside: I didn’t go into detail last time, but Roscoe’s might be the best place on earth to eat fried chicken. Seriously. The secret is to mix the tabasco into the syrup and eat the chicken and the waffle and that mix. Holy cow. It sounds odd, but if you’re ever out this way, I’ll show you. Plus, there’s always something crazy going on there. I mean, we did eat in COMPTON and the LBC, so it’s to be expected. It’s living on the edge I tell you.

So, to total that all up, we went up to LA and back to San Diego in three whole separate trips in less than a week. It was a lot of driving. But it was totally worth it. I’m giving thought to living in the OC though, it might make it easier!

Vacation From Vacation

Usually you never know I’m gone, I know I’m going to be away and I throw some posts up. Couldn’t do that this time since my vacation was a surprise. MK decided we’d both (cough) been working so hard we needed to get away. We packed up and set off Friday morning.

MK booked us an amazing room at a great hotel right on Sunset Strip. We wandered up and down and shopped and ate and wandered some more. We got all fancied up and hit some clubs. We exhausted ourselves. We woke up and ate some more, pooled some, and set off for more adventure. We drove through Beverly Hills, Glen, and Mulholland, which we hadn’t taken the time to do before. There was a lot of “let’s live in that one” “oh my gosh did you see that?” “Is that all one house?”. The only (I don’t think this even counts) celebrity MK spotted was the guy that owns Sunset Tan, while we were eating at the awesomest diner ever that happens to be underneath it.

We failed on pictures – didn’t want to look like tourists! 🙂

Forever Ago

Way way back in the day there were all these things going on. I wasn’t able to tell you about all of them because of one man who was holding the photographic evidence of all the fun we’ve been having hostage. Without further ado:

  • Too many pictures of our big day sail. Really, I’m sorry – I was to lazy to pick the best ones. Make sure you read the captions so you know what you’re seeing.
  • I mentioned here what a party we had in LA. We didn’t have the camera much, and these pictures from the LA Museum of Art are probably all illegal, so don’t tell anyone.
  • We spent a day inland at the San Diego Zoo’s affiliated Wild Animal Park. It was too much fun, I think it’s even better than the zoo. Here are those pictures. Unfortunately the camera died before we were done, but we did at least get a picture of the lady, who seriously said the most insane things to herself/at us. “Don’t mess with Sicilians or bikers” “Watch that Scott Baio now” etc. We had to dodge her a bunch, she was on the same course as us. I have no idea what that was all about. I guess crazy ladies go to zoos too.
  • Wherein I tell you how little I know about golf by the captions of “golfer” under pictures of surely famous people I’m supposed to know about at the US Open. Oh well.
  • I also went to Vegas but my pictures are terrible. You’ll just have to believe me that it ruled.

Well, it takes a lot of effort to put all these little links in, so I’m expecting you to peruse and comment and enjoy and appreciate.


It Keeps Getting Better

There are these points I come across in my life where I get scared. Life is so good I get afraid the bottom might fall out. You know the feeling? Things are going well and something sneaks in and worries you that it won’t last. Well, the other day it happened. We had gotten a new place and then it looked like it wasn’t going to work out. And via our searching we KNEW that there were no other options.

And then. We got an even better place. I’m a spoiled brat. No more worries. No suspicion. No drama. We spent Memorial Day weekend with my super favorites RB RE and BF. I’m a brat. They showed us around LA like no one’s business. Prove it? I had Roscoe’s chicken and waffles. There. I snuck in the museum, sort of. We partied like it was 1999. Which is true, because there was a rave going on. I can’t explain it or make sense of it but it was all so great. Seeing RB always means so much to me, because it reaffirms who I am. We get each other. And letting him take me to bars in downtown LA amid the rats made me happy too.

MK and I also celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. We know people these days sometimes don’t even make it that long, so we relish our love and the fact that we really still like each other quite a bit. We cooked each other dinner and sat out to watch the sunset. Our celebrating was a little lackluster since we also had to start packing. We had until today to get all moved out from upstairs and find spots to stuff our stuff into downstairs. We are right by a pool and still have a view so life could be worse. No word on how long we make it this time around, we’re month to month. It’s anybody’s guess.

So that brings you up to speed on last week. I missed my little blog but for some reason it always gets more hits when I don’t write. Oh well.

One final thought, and that is:


best shirt ever