Hash House Harriers

Just another San Diego Friday.


Best Parts Of Red Dress Run:

  1. Beer checks!
  2. Free dinner!
  3. Men in dresses!
  4. Hash band!
  5. My new sunglasses!


4 thoughts on “Hash House Harriers

  1. I just saw this post… AFTER I posted my 5’s about LHH on Saturday. I swear I was not copying you!!!! I commend you for being able to drink beer while running – I’m pretty sure that would make me even more miserable than I am without it 🙂

  2. I run so that I can drink beer – and eat a little badly. You’ll find it’s all a balancing act – and don’t feel bad about eating after you DO run, only when you DON’T run and cheat with food too. That’s my rule. As for the 5’s I would be all to happy if you DID copy me 🙂

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