Fashion Sense

Do you have any? Does any fashion make sense? Does fashion stop being fashionable when it hits a certain mark? Our mall here is aptly named “Fashion Valley.” It has some fashion, and it is literally in a valley, as in, I missed it the first time. Low valley.

Fashion Valley is an outdoor mall. The only 3 malls we have found are outdoor malls. They may be identical to indoor malls minus the roof, but it somehow seems like so much more work to me when I am outside…

I went shopping trying to find a loud dress for MK’s Christmas party. Glitter, sequins, feather trim, fireworks, why not? I was pretty disappointed with my options, which were mostly black with a fake jewel at the waist. Ugh. I get the loud look isn’t always fashionable, but it seems I’m able to find it everywhere when I’m making fun of it and not wanting to find it…I shop like that with friends, who get sick of me PDQ – “Look at this.” You’d look awesome in this.” “OMG, this is only 456$!”

I ended up with a pair of red and white “highest heel” Christmas shoes


and an ivory sweater that may or not be the trendiest thing in my closet, I don’t have the ‘sense’.

christmas tree dress

This might work…I think it’s a tree!


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