Even More Tradition

It seems I forgot some other fun things I’ll be missing this year by not going home. I’m not sure just how long this went on, but one year Dad rewrapped gifts. Like, went to the basement, found toys we didn’t use, wrapped them, and put them under the tree. We three munchkins were young and I don’t think we noticed right away. Hilarious. This tradition then morphed into wrapping random things. Next, was buying something terrible and wrapping it. Dad now annually receives Clam Chowder from Job Lot. Inedible and nasty. We’ve also experienced the wrap-something-so-it’s- not-the-same-shape. I think I gave my brother bubble gum in a giant box.

So, what’s the worst gift you’ve ever gotten for Christmas? I think it’s safe to say I got a fiber optic light up sculpture thing once. At least as far as non readers of somegosoftly go.



5 thoughts on “Even More Tradition

  1. What in the world is your beef with lovely, fiber optic, frolicking dolphins? Surely anybody could find a spot for such a relevant piece. More proof of dolphin intelligence. Look how much fun they are having! It reminds of the picture of the sea monkeys romping around their vast underwater kingdom.

    Worst gift: Truffles from Harry & David’s. Eat two and your face starts getting hot. But, oh no, you can’t stop. You will eat the entire bag.

  2. I think Pribek may have forgotten the .10 cent dinosaur I bought him when we were very young. That’s got to be the crappiest one I ever gave.

    Worst one I’ve ever gotten, though, was a photograph of my boss, his family on the porch of their vacation home in Florida. I hated that boss. His partner was cool, though, and gave me a $200 bonus.

    Oh, I like the fiber optic dolphins. I love crap-light thingies like that. Richard doesn’t allow them in the house, though.

  3. So, I didn’t exactly get the dolphins, I couldn’t find a picture (you both must have assumed I took this in my living room where it rests on the TV…) but mine was actually pandas, and the bamboo lit up…it’s in storage, I think. I also think it was out of a catalog or a free gift from a magazine subscription.

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