Update On Our Darling Seals

Last week, a judge gave the city 72 hours to get rid of the seals. Remember them?

I told you all I knew about the history of the land here, and what it was like last year in La Jolla while I lived there.

Fortunately not much happened while we were gone. There’s a lack of money here in CA you might have heard about that may have helped chill everyone out for a hot minute. But people are pressing forward and demanding that someone spend a now-estimated $700,000 to get rid of the seals. In case you missed the part about HOW, they want to play a tape of BARKING DOGS to SCARE THEM OFF. Ugh.

Thanks to my pleas via facebook, I’m sure, ‘Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation yesterday that would grant the San Diego City Council final say over the fate of the Children’s Pool starting Jan. 1’. (quote via signonsandiego.com)
Today there was a last minute hearing scheduled. We may know the fate of the seals tomorrow.
Latest UPDATE: Three More Months…


2 thoughts on “Update On Our Darling Seals

  1. I dunno – seals are pretty smart…They will figure out that there aren’t any dogs waiting to eat them & they’ll just swim up anyway. 🙂

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