Ocean Beach Oktoberfest

Anyone know why they spell it with a “K”? Is that a German thing? Makes it more authentic? I know next to nothing about the German culture. If I were to base my slim knowledge on the Ocean Beach Oktoberfest, I would have to say that Germans have lots of eating and drinking contests…

I volunteered to help with the 5K Fun Run the morning of the Beerfest. I made 300+ Jello Shots for said run- the Hash House Harriers run in style. We organised people, got them their wristbands, and sent them on their way. We drove to meet them and give them said Jello Shots. We drove back to the Beer Garden and redeemed the four drink tickets we earned for our hard work.

I made it through one Vodka Red Bull, but it was tough, it was 10AM or so. Then I powered down a few of those Jello Shots. I’m only telling you this so that you completely understand what I was thinking when I volunteered for the Beer Stein holding contest. Because after a little Vodka, OF COURSE these silly little arms could win 1st prize!

But then I was nervous. One drink coupon was also redeemable for swag, so I got a nice little boot on a lanyard. Then I used my last ticket to fill that boot with liquid courage (beer). And we were off. Then ten girls I was with were fortunately mostly Hashers. The only drawbacks to this were that 1. They are strong 2. My scare tactics didn’t work 3. All the boys were watching.

Side note: I am not one to make excuses, but it is pretty funny that just as my poor little bird wings were going flapping, my cell phone vibrated. It was where I always put my cell phone after a run if I don’t have pockets. That did it for me.

I was first one out. Oh well. We watched the boys, ate at Sunshine Brewing Company, and had a fun time watching bands and Brat eating contests.


Yet again, terrible cell phone pictures.

This is the sausage you had to toss in an itty bitty bucket far away to win a chance to roll some dice to win $10,000. Riiiight.

sausage toss



12 thoughts on “Ocean Beach Oktoberfest

  1. Yes, startlingly, “Oktober” is German for “October.” You crack me up. Now I want beer, brats and sauerkraut. Mmmmmm…..

  2. Just so you don’t feel bad about my previous comment, you should know that I’m like 1/256th German or something on my mom’s side, and one of my brothers was born there. So that makes me an expert on German language. 🙂

  3. Trish – glad your sense of humor and jooke making skills are right there with me. Being funny on the internet isn’t that easy!
    Craig – huh?
    Dadd – weinershnitzel *giggle*

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