Winter Wins

Dude, winter rules. I left San Diego during one of those sunny and 75 degree days I told you were going to stick around. That’s why people love San Diego. I get it.

Then I fly back to Park City (if you’re counting this is the third trip). And it’s SNOWING. On September 30th.

Tell me what you’re thinking. “That sucks”? “Lame”? “Brr”? I’m thinking: “Awesome”. It was crazy. I wanted to stay! TB drove me to the airport and announced that she really loved winter. And I had to agree.

Dooce twittered that her daughter said something like “think of all the hot cocoa we get to drink”! I’m right there with her. Yay winter, snow, hot cocoa, skiing, and yes, even shoveling.

Don’t get me wrong, the beach is great. But if I have to pick what gets me more excited, I think I’m going for the cold weather. Besides, the beach is easier to visit. All you need is a bikini.


6 thoughts on “Winter Wins

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  2. We get plenty of sunny and 75 here, too!!! You just didn’t stick around to experience it. Btw, the sun is out, and all the snow is just about gone in our neighborhood.

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