Get To Work

You’d think with only one thing I’m supposed to do every day, to stop by and say “Hi”, I could handle it! But no!

I had a hard time even getting in front of a computer all last week. We went out last Friday night to see District 9 (go see it!!!) with my brother, then downtown with some great friends. MK played volleyball Saturday AM and went to get his Mom at the airport. I furiously cleaned the whole house, cleaned myself, and made it look like we were even remotely ready to host company (minus the totally empty refrigerator). MIL fell in love with Temecula when we drove through on the way to LA, so we took her back.

I have to tell you, spending two whole days of my life that I can’t get back made me realize this:  I can’t live there. At least not until I feel old. Well, some days i do feel old, so that’s not it. I guess I’d need 3 kids, and a minivan. And a desire to farm avocados and citrus. And I might never have any of those things! The place is beautiful and cheap, but it’s just not for me. It’s too far from San Diego, we’d still have to rent here. There are some days I’m so over the fast paced life we’re racing trough in San Diego, but Temecula would be a change for the worse, not a fun alternative. I banned it.

We also took MIL sailing, which she seemed to really enjoy, and for many walks around the bay. It is nice to host quieter company over here, they really like just relaxing by the water.


5 thoughts on “Get To Work

  1. Yes, that scenario fits entirely within my belief system. But can I just say… TIRED. I am the new definition of tired. Will submit my photo to the Wikipedia people later today, if still conscious.

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