Food, Inc.

Wanna lose ten pounds? Watch Food, Inc. We’re going to go broke shopping at Whole Foods but at least it won’t kill us. We watched the movie about a month ago and can’t look at food the same way. We haven’t really been out to eat. We haven’t been able to buy anything that has too many strange unpronounceable ingredients. There is more fruit in this house than ever before. It was hard to break up with Pop Tarts so quickly but a healthy breakfast is so much more filling.

The meat has to say grass fed. The eggs have to tell me that the chickens aren’t all sad and gross like the movie showed. Ugh.  I watched the movie again with JB and she taught me a lot about food and healthy eating, and the better choices that we’re making have already gone a long way. We’ve noticed that we feel better, and I have lost a ton of weight. Seriously. 

It probably mostly has to do with the skiing and the shoveling and the snow blowing, but my mindset has also permanently changed. It was a hard movie to sit through, and I agree to some extent with TB that there are some things we’re better off not knowing. But there are other things I’m happy to know, and to try and help, trust me, we’ll be shopping at the Farmer’s Market more and more!

SXSW 2010 Over Interactive

Dude, I love my blog. I can share my life, thoughts, typos and photos with ease in one place. I love my Twitter account. I am mainlining everything there is on the internet about the Olympics. I’m learning things about technology for free. I follow npr and cnn news to feel smarter. I love mental floss.  I love knowing what my friends in San Diego and Austin are up to.

As I prepare for another annual trip to Austin for my favorite week of the year, I am getting a little nervous about SXSW. When I first went with KD and LC, I thought I was getting in a secret club. The emails that went around had a small number of names at the top. You didn’t forward to someone who wasn’t deserving. I had to pass a test (kidding). There were free parties for people who loved music and SXSW but were in the cool kids club that weren’t going to pay for it.

Today, as I look through the 20 people I’m following on Twitter that have tags like ‘freesxswparties’ and ‘sxswforfree’ I’m seeing they have thousands of followers. There aren’t that many parties. Or venues that fit that many people. At least not that I know of. Last year there were parties we couldn’t get into, we’d just sigh and move on. We’d show up earlier and earlier to ensure we got in to see who we wanted. And there weren’t that many Twitter/facebook invites.

This year everything is on facebook. There are a dozen blogs and sites with links to the rsvps we used to have to hunt down. Anyone can see it. Should I be nervous? I am. I haven’t even booked my flight because I’m thinking about going early for the interactive parties I usually miss just to make sure that I can get in and around.

One Room Done

It’s official: We have one room 100% completed to the point we have no plans for it, it’s finished. We painted and hung a curtain to hide the water softener, and transformed our under-stairs storage in to a wine cellar. It was a large project that involved hanging drywall and sealing leaks that were letting cold air in from under the house.

MB and JB gave us a lovely wine cooler as a house warming gift, and it fits perfectly. I’d show you a picture, but can’t on the grounds I may incriminate myself…


2010 Olympics

Living in Park City is probably 95% of what has me so excited about the Olympics this year. Many of the athletes have been training here and it’s gotten me very interested in the games. Not only that, but learning to ski changes everything I think about the sport. Wanting to get better has me reading about skiing, trying new skis, and even working out through ski season to be in the best shape I can. It had a lot to do with our decision to get the house here, I love San Diego but I’m not as good at any beach sport and I’ve become at skiing, and it’s become a real passion for me since spending last winter here.

It’s laughable compared to these athletes competing, but just like watching a Warren Miller movie, seeing the Olympics makes me itch to get out on my skis and try my hardest to get better and better, even if it isn’t at 75 miles an hour. I can’t wait to try more runs, to gain experience and just have a blast on the mountains.

I also think a major contributing factor to my excitement is just how accessible the Olympics are this year. We don’t even have cable at the house, and yet there’s plenty of online video access and news coverage for me to see. This page –

 a link to all the athletes that are Tweeting, has me totally hooked. It’s like I know these people. I get a glimpse into what it’s like to be there, what they are thinking. Too cool.

Deer Valley Visa Freestyle Invitational

Holy forever ago, this was Jan. 15th!

The night after The Bravery concert I mentioned here. If you recall, I was too worked up about something else to even tell you about our night. It happens.

We were running late due to house work, and only made it to the tail end of the women’s finals and got to see the men’s finals and the fireworks. But it was worth the hike up the hill. It was packed but we found a spot on the far right and got a great view. They had a fun DJ and like I mentioned on Twitter, I’d go every night for fireworks at the resort, too cool! Kids and adults alike were running around and sliding down the hill.

MK took a ton of pictures, too many to post here, so here’s an album:

Click for the Deer Valley Visa Freestyle Invitational Photos.

Everyone Loves A Good Open Bar

Our Friday night out last weekend for Sundance wasn’t much, it was late when we got to the St. Regis and the bar there closes early. We met our new friends BK and JK and some company they had visiting, drove down Main Street, and decided to try our luck again the next night.

Saturday we got stuck running late for our cab pickup, so we figured he left us and we hopped on the bus. It was a great decision not to drive because the snow was really coming down. We went to the Spur and happened upon a locals discount and a really loud band. JK’s visiting buddy disappeared and returned frantically waving at all of us to find the back side of the bar, a room I wasn’t even aware of. There was a party hosted by someone (Yahoo?) that no one was at. The one lonely guy invited us all in. Then left. We took over and made ourselves at home. It was perfect because some of the girls hadn’t eaten, and hello, all the food and drinks were free.

All our group.

All mine.

As fun as it is to live like a VIP we wanted to run around and see what was happening. Another bar party, a takeover called Crown on Main, was 850$ for the weekend. So I hadn’t even considered it. Until the door guy waved us in. So we had a drink there too.

We stopped at a coffee shop for Mr. MK and decided our next action plan, as fun as the free stuff was the music from both places had really hurt our ears. The Stanfield Artist Lounge was supposed to be where the good stuff was, so we headed there next. We were badgeless, wristbandless, and not going to pay to get in. We waited in the line figuring since we’d had such luck so far, we could talk our way in.

Then we noticed the reality of the situation. Anyone could get in for free. The ‘out’ door was closer to the line than the ‘in’ door, and people were just wandering right in. *shrug* We had to try it. We got in and up to the bar when a big dude asked to see our wristbands, as they had finally become aware of the flaw in their door system. I still had my coat and gloves so I fumbled around as we made our way out the door to safety. That was close. At least we got in long enough to see we weren’t missing anything, it wasn’t much of a party.

So we got a ride to our car from a sweet guy that didn’t know what he was getting into. The roads had not been plowed and the highway was just stopped. We were stuck for about 30 minutes, then had our own drive to our place to contend with, which was the craziest thing we’ve ever done. I didn’t want to scare my Mom with this one. We almost didn’t make it. But, we did.

Through this:

It was a super fun Sundance weekend considering we didn’t plan anything. MK even saw a movie, thanks to BK.