Two New Things

My new living room art that is not quite big enough to cover the wood on the wall we need to tear down, but at least makes it less conspicuous from the street:

Seriously, we drove by our own house at night with the windows open and lights on and freaked out. All people see is that wood!

So, a little trump l’oeil with the mirrors and ta-da! 8% less painful for others. Still mostly painful for me. Our company keeps saying it’s ‘ski lodge-y’ and they like it, then I say we’re tearing it down, and you can see the breath of relief they emit.

Then my office got a new bed! It’s an uber comfy couch bed that folds a bunch of different ways, from Costco. Getting that thing in this house was a riot, up the snowy stairs just the two of us after I drove it home in BB’s monster truck. Yikes! It’s staying in the house forever even if we don’t.


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