Fluffy Guy

Took the parents to Cap. City Comedy Club to see Gabriel Iglesias last night. You might have seen him on Comedy Central or Last Comic Standing. Thursday night shows (I had no idea) are longer than Friday/Saturday because there’s only one show. There were two opening acts, Martin Moreno and Noe Gonzalez. Gabriel was up there TWO HOURS. He was really funny. I liked that he knew a lot about Austin and had been here enough to talk about local things. He also involved the crowd and made a lot of jokes on the spot. Dad was cracking up and Mom got caught laughing at even some of the crude jokes :). If you’ve got time this weekend, worth checking out!


We’ll be in San Antonio for the weekend, we get to stay at the Contessa and eat at Biga on the Banks, my family gets to meet my best friend AS’s parents, which I’m really looking forward to. Have a good weekend!


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