No You Don’t

I try so hard not to be too ranty around here. There are a million things I’ve learned about growing up and all that important life lessons in your twenties crap that helps me keep my lips closed way more often than I used to.


So MK and I went to Deer Valley Friday to watch the Qualifying Olympic trials – men’s and women’s aerials.

We decided while we were out to treat ourselves to a drink on Main St. It ended up being way too busy so that drink didn’t happen and we headed back to our car.

There’s this guy that is always there – same guy for the last three years – that stands on the street and tries to sell you a time share, Vegas style, with catchy phrases. “Where are you skiing tomorrow?” “Want some free lift tickets?” TB and I have always smiled politely and told the guy that we lived here. In deed, we did. Even if I was just renting. I didn’t need a time share pitch.

So same guy says same thing Friday night, and I smile and say we lived here just as nice as possible.

Some chick smoking in her Hanes sweatshirt mutters to him while I’m within earshot: “No you don’t”.

You know that thing, where something happens, and you spend the next two days thinking of what you COULD have said? I’m still doing that.

“Well, we probably don’t share the same circles, I don’t shop for clothes at WalMart.”

“How many bedrooms does that house you bought have? What, you don’t own a home here?”

“Stop smoking and go for a run.”

I wasn’t mean, I just couldn’t keep quiet though.

I said something to the effect of “Excuse me? As a matter of fact I do. Mind your business.”

But I’m still all worked up about it. At least wait til I’m out of earshot. Or how about just be nice. It takes a lot less effort. Just because we are in a small city doesn’t mean you know everyone. You certainly don’t know me, or need to concern yourself. Ugh.


6 thoughts on “No You Don’t

  1. Ha ha I was in ski gear. Although you reminded me that I almost tweeted while we were at DV “No amount of $ on you credit card can make me respect you in furlined high heel booties trying to walk up a ski hill”. There was a chick with a 10,000$ purse and nutso outfit by us. If you have that money, get the lift ticket to the event and the VIP seats. But I restrained myself. Because I don’t know her. 😉

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