While We Were Out

This wasn’t as much snow as they predicted, but it was enough to not be able to get the car in the driveway! MK was a darling and got us in safely. We’re headed out to ski shortly and KK gets in tonight for the whole week. They’ve opened up more runs and we’re looking forward to having a great time!


Take What You Can Get

Connecticut. All the cool kids are doing it.


Five Ideas of a Good Time Around Here:

  1. Killingly Commons. It’s a strip mall.
  2. Company Christmas parties. Drink coupons and karaoke.
  3. Seriously, our first gingerbread house.  
  4. Giving grandmas heart attacks.
  5. The Daddy Discount. A+++

Gone Already?

So you’ve discovered that I love living in Skiville. And I’ve only been there a month – only been skiing three days. But duty calls. So we’re in CT visiting family. We showed up with my brother and the pizza delivery and totally surprised all the Grandparents. We’re gonna have a big dinner, see Daddy’s new work, and get kicked out of my brother’s company Christmas party. We’re going to enjoy the three major food groups: Baker’s Dozen, Wright’s, and WindTiki.

Right when we get back we’ll have my BIL for company and we’ll be back on the slopes. So now is just a good time to rest, relax, and let my Mommy AND Daddy spoil me like they always do. Coming home is great.

Three Days In

The first day we went out I made it down one green run twice. I had kind of forgotten how to ski like a rockstar. It was humbling and frustrating and a little funny. As a matter of fact, I fell down the very first moment as I was putting my skis on. It had me afraid it was going to be a long season.

But Sunday we went out and tried it again. And I got better. And more confident. And remembered what I think is the most important rule of skiing, it’s easier the faster you go. But something didn’t feel quite right, even though my legs weren’t completely worn out, I was more sore than I expected. Sore of the feet. My ski gear is all new this year, and I had a feeling the boots that I was so excited about were to blame. I did, however, get about 7 runs in – and a picture with Santa.


There was also a celebrity ski event going on that we tried to check out. I did my best and think I might have seen Dennis Quaid and Matthew Modine. But they were in ski gear, made it a little tricky. The event airs on CBS so we’ll see how I did. This is a pic of the tent they all hid in and up to the right the run they skied down. Rumor has it Heidi Klum fell and they made it easier.


So after taking Monday off to let the real snow accumulate, we headed out again today. MK had me rent a different boot, and it made all the difference. Not only did I ski the steepest blue, I almost murdered a few trees. Flying around like a nut makes you run in to things. It was a blast. I felt great and ready to ski every day. Even now I’m not all achy and stiff like usual. So sad to say it might be goodbye boots. And goodbye Christmas presents – new boots in the middle of winter are not cheap. I’m wondering if I should just suffer. I could always just cut my big toe off…

It’s The Final Countdown

Can’t wait.


Five Priorities Until Tomorrow:

  1. Making sure every alarm and bell in the house goes off in the morning, must make first chair.
  2. Filling my ski pants up with granola bars. (no breaks!)
  3. Deciding between pigtails, a mohawk, or giant clown wig.
  4. Wall sits and Lunges.
  5. Charging phone to call everyone I know after I ski all day.
fresh pow

fresh pow

It’s Gorgeous (Trust Me)

I had planned a post today about how freaked out we are that Deer Valley (our Winter Playground we pushed back homes and children to pay for season passes to) opens Dec 6th – that’s two days from now – and there was no snow. It was pretty funny, really.

I had to delete it, it turned in to a lie. Thankfully, it has been snowing all day. I haven’t seen weather like this since being a kid in CT – and it’s so much more kickass when there’s a point to it. Up there we were just suffering, here I get to ski all over it. These giant flakes are serving a purpose this winter.

So I’m just a little frustrated because I wanted to share adorable pictures of me shoveling the driveway and goofing around, and the snowfall. It’s really beautiful here right now. But you’re just going to have to take my word for it. No matter what I do I can’t get the pictures to come out. Like, with snowflakes. You’re just going to have to imagine me, cozied up in a sweater, under a throw blanket, by the fire, looking out the picture windows.

token snowflakes

token snowflakes

We Want A Food Network Deal

TB is teaching me the kitchen. There are utensils and concepts I’ve never even heard of, and I used to think that I knew what on earth I was doing. I might even receive a copy of the super secret family book of good cooking, and get tips from TB’s SIL. Wait until you come to my house after THAT. Thanksgiving of deliciousness came out of that book. It might always be Thanksgiving at my house. And we’ll have many many desserts.

Anyways, with all this food magic going on, I wanted to try my own thing. We found a recipe for spring rolls and it only took 3 different grocery stores to find all the ingredients. Here they are:


They tasted even better than they looked, the rolling takes skill. But it was a ton of fun.

You Can Skip Provo Now

We took a drive out of Park City yesterday and headed toward Heber and Sundance, the ski resort Robert Redford opened. It was really beautiful. We saw wild mountain goats. We drove to Provo and didn’t see anything even worth getting out of the car for. Then we headed back to SLC. The drive through Pleasant Grove, Alpine and Lehi was amazing. My pictures aren’t that great but wow, there were some super giant mansions out there and I’m pretty sure the deal is buy one, get a horse or three. The whole trip took maybe three hours with a stop to shop in SLC before we made it home. Fortunately we also got to see an amazing sunset.


Here are the pictures.

Oh Christmas Tree

The whole thing – over 8 feet tall, with 4 looong strings of lights, and bows and ribbon for decorations, under 50$!

The trees at most vendors were 80$ for 6 feet – we got this one at the grocery store for 35$.

Yay Bargain Christmas!


PS – It’s hard to do them justice, Christmas Trees this lovely are hard to photograph.