While We Were Out

This wasn’t as much snow as they predicted, but it was enough to not be able to get the car in the driveway! MK was a darling and got us in safely. We’re headed out to ski shortly and KK gets in tonight for the whole week. They’ve opened up more runs and we’re looking forward to having a great time!



4 thoughts on “While We Were Out

  1. Can you beat a -29 windchill? Glad you made it back safely from CT & now you get to party with the BIL! Hugs & kisses, stay warm…Oh, and WHAT is a Daddy Discount??

  2. I don’t know what the windchill is but it did freeze all the snot to my face on the lift – so it must have been good 😉
    Daddy discount is Dad’s new job – I got the hookup at the company store…

  3. Ah ha – when I read it originally I thought it was some weird thing they give in Utah. Like “On Tuesdays at Joe’s Coffee Daddies get 15% off”…And I thought that you guys kidnapped a child to get the discount.

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