We Want A Food Network Deal

TB is teaching me the kitchen. There are utensils and concepts I’ve never even heard of, and I used to think that I knew what on earth I was doing. I might even receive a copy of the super secret family book of good cooking, and get tips from TB’s SIL. Wait until you come to my house after THAT. Thanksgiving of deliciousness came out of that book. It might always be Thanksgiving at my house. And we’ll have many many desserts.

Anyways, with all this food magic going on, I wanted to try my own thing. We found a recipe for spring rolls and it only took 3 different grocery stores to find all the ingredients. Here they are:


They tasted even better than they looked, the rolling takes skill. But it was a ton of fun.


3 thoughts on “We Want A Food Network Deal

  1. i never would have guessed that you weren’t the world’s best cook after my delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs & toast in SD! you sure are domesticating there!!

  2. I’d like to point out (again!) that your remake of Thanksgiving dinner the other night was absolutely delicious and involved much less time and cursing in front of small children than my version. 🙂

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