Gone Already?

So you’ve discovered that I love living in Skiville. And I’ve only been there a month – only been skiing three days. But duty calls. So we’re in CT visiting family. We showed up with my brother and the pizza delivery and totally surprised all the Grandparents. We’re gonna have a big dinner, see Daddy’s new work, and get kicked out of my brother’s company Christmas party. We’re going to enjoy the three major food groups: Baker’s Dozen, Wright’s, and WindTiki.

Right when we get back we’ll have my BIL for company and we’ll be back on the slopes. So now is just a good time to rest, relax, and let my Mommy AND Daddy spoil me like they always do. Coming home is great.


2 thoughts on “Gone Already?

  1. Tell Ma & Pa I say Hello! Wish I was going to the WindTiki buffet with you guys…(I didn’t know what this was until I googled it.) What a silly name for a restaurant! Crazy Connecticutians.

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