It’s Gorgeous (Trust Me)

I had planned a post today about how freaked out we are that Deer Valley (our Winter Playground we pushed back homes and children to pay for season passes to) opens Dec 6th – that’s two days from now – and there was no snow. It was pretty funny, really.

I had to delete it, it turned in to a lie. Thankfully, it has been snowing all day. I haven’t seen weather like this since being a kid in CT – and it’s so much more kickass when there’s a point to it. Up there we were just suffering, here I get to ski all over it. These giant flakes are serving a purpose this winter.

So I’m just a little frustrated because I wanted to share adorable pictures of me shoveling the driveway and goofing around, and the snowfall. It’s really beautiful here right now. But you’re just going to have to take my word for it. No matter what I do I can’t get the pictures to come out. Like, with snowflakes. You’re just going to have to imagine me, cozied up in a sweater, under a throw blanket, by the fire, looking out the picture windows.

token snowflakes

token snowflakes


5 thoughts on “It’s Gorgeous (Trust Me)

  1. Here in Florida, the oranges have ripened and are a beautiful shade of yellowish orange. I’m going to have a good breakfast tomorrow.

  2. the place i like to ride has gotten about 60 inches in the last week. too bad i won’t go up until santa comes! 😦

  3. We don’t have any in CT yet, but I’m not complainin’ about not having to shovel that white crap that falls from the sky. 10 more years until retirement in Prescott!

  4. Wendy – sounds great!
    Sybo – waiting on some accessories?
    Dadd – once there’s enough we have a snowblower, that should help. I’ll come visit you so much more when you move!!!

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