Postponing Christmas

It has been a little slow around here, and I’m assuming everyone is off decking their halls and mistletoeing each other…but I’ve got more serious things to worry about than why you’re too busy to visit Somegosoftly. As a matter of fact, Christmas is being postponed over here. Myriad of reasons including:

1. Company. It’s going to be a madhouse now until March, so I’ve got to be prepared.

2. This skiing thing. Seriously. I’m kicking my own butt. See #1. The company needs to know that I too can make it down a mountain. After my big spill it’s like starting from scratch.

3. Discounts. MK and I have a plan to spend X dollars on each other in the days following Christmas, then repeatedly brag to all of you how much more we got than you sillies that shopped normal prices.

4.Might be snowed in. Expecting a foot or two starting tomorrow.

No idea who made this interesting little pic:


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