Deal With It

So the BIL is here. And I’m exhausted. Disclaimer:  I know that there are a few of you anxious to hear about every mountain adventure, the ones (yay! – my favorites 🙂 ) that have trips planned out here and that can’t wait for skiing. I also know that there are some people that will check the site again in six months and hope I ended up somewhere they are more interested in. But this skiing thing is new and fascinating to me so while I’ll try to break it up a bit you can expect more of the same.

BIL made it in right before the snow. It was already coming down when e woke up and it didn’t stop until just a bit ago. After a delicious breakfast (if I do say so myself) we had to really do a number on the driveway to get out. Apparently there is a problem with the snowblower. That is going to need to be taken care of. Soon.

There are too many funny little things that happen when these to men get together; let’s just leave it at an incredible day. We skiied our first full day and even got to meet up with TB, BB, and family. Deer Valley got so much snow they were able to open up a ton more runs. And I don’t care what you hear, I tore up some deep fresh pow. (That’s what they call it around here…)

BIL is our test run. We are playing in the snow. And finding the good bars open on weeknights. And I’m trying new recipes. So when everyone comes, they’ll be welcomed with our best. Fortunately, rumor has it BIL is getting the best. I like not have to try too hard ;).


3 thoughts on “Deal With It

  1. i would totally come visit soon but i have a trip planned for chicago to see a friend i haven’t seen since way before we left nyc. but, since you are such an amazing person i will make an exception for a utah trip…and unlike snippy, i need the gourmet shit.

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