How Bad Is It?

The last time that I put forth a true conundrum, our discussion was pretty interesting (read here). So here’s the latest situation that we found ourselves in. I need your advice.

This past weekend, MK was in a wedding. We had to go to the mall (no choice) to get his suit. As we were dropping it back off, it was prom or whatever, and the place was packed. With ME IN THE CAR, he pulled into one of the 7 available handicapped spots while he ran in and dropped the suit off. It maybe took a minute.

Mall security approached us as we were reversing. Apparently the big fat guy in the orange shirt behind us had mall security on speed dial, could see from our front dash that 100 yards away that there wasn’t a handicapped tag, and made the call. The nice gentleman mall employee let us off after we apologized.

I would never, on my own, steal a single handicapped spot. But MK leaving me in the car was to show that, were the other 6 spots filled, I would drive around until I found MK, but since he had been driving, we stopped instead of switching spots. Internet, is this the same as murder? I felt pretty huffy about it. And the orange shirt guy glaring and looking mad we didn’t get some sort of penalty or ticket or whatever the mall has the authority to give.

To top it all off, I saw another person (17 year old) park his car and go in, obviously using his gram’s handicapped pass. Isn’t that far more wrong??? Someone, please let me know the rule breaking etiquette.

so handicapped

Why Wouldn’t You Know?

It’s been a while since I last participated in the MTC via Blog Ninjas , but these things happen. (#6 can be read here – now we’re on #10). I’m back, and hoping you’ll read and enjoy my musings on the following topic:

Describe someone or something that changed your life, but the change agent has no idea that it or they had any affect on you.


Usually if someone has an impact on me, I let them know. Many of the people I met as I grew up taught me that ideas I got in my head from books didn’t always work in real life. Their patience and life lessons made me so much better now than I used to be. And I thanked them for that. So if you affected my life but didn’t know it, there has to be a reason.

Reason #1 – I don’t like you. Well that’s a bit harsh. Maybe ‘people that I’m no longer close to’. Or maybe people who taught me backwards. As in, chances are good that each of them, in their own way impacted me by teaching me how not to be. I think there are people that cross everyone’s life and their negative actions cause you to adopt positive ones. You can’t really call them and tell them that, but it’s there.

Reason #2 – Not human. It may sound silly but there’s a couple animals I had as a kid that taught me how to be caring and other important things like how to scratch good behind the ears. I couldn’t write them a thank you letter, and they might not know how much they meant to me. Sniffer probably would have rolled his kitty eyes. All my fishies would laugh about the nightmares I used to have about not feeding them. Hopefully Riley heard all my hacking sob tears from puppy heaven.

Reason #3 – Too famous. So much of what I’ve gleaned about writing has been from other writers. All that reading would leave me with such a long list that even given the opportunity to talk about it on Oprah, it’s not going to happen. But I’m thankful to writers. And funny commercials, tv shows, and people that design clothes that look good on me. Stuff like that.


Hmmmm…..what other reasons could there be?


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Anyone Else?

I’m not really going to pay them back or anything, but the thought is nice.


Five Fads I’d Go Back And Tell My Parents Not To Splurge On For Me:

  1. Reebok High Tops
  2. That Leather Bomber Jacket I wore, like, once
  3. The Starter Jacket (I wore, like, once)
  4. The Perm(s)
  5. Eastlands

eastlands the shoes

Anyone? No? Oh, okay…

My Thoughts Exactly

The new New Balance ad campaign is killing me. With its accuracy. The second one is my favorite. I love skipping workouts, seeing other people doing it, and feeling that guilty twinge. I haven’t told you much about my workouts of late since I’ve found the right routine. We’re doing the gym together and I run every so often but have had a sore knee lately so I usually a cardio video at home or exercise by the pool. Whatever, it’s working. But I never started to love, or even like, running. Check these commercials out, they’re too cute.

Car Stereo (Wars) Mashup

Check it out! Car Stereo (Wars) created a mashup for the lineup to Austin City Limits 2008. Too cool. They haven’t even made a formal announcement yet, but I’m following the comments here to determine with everyone else’s help what all is in there. Listen to all the Car Stereo (Wars) music if you haven’t before, it’s great for workouts, as KD taught me long ago.

Who knows, maybe if I’m good I’ll get to go to ACL this year. The deal we’re trying to make is two music festivals a year, one always will be SXSW. Last year we had Sasquatch. LC had the great idea us ladies keep the good times rolling.

car stereo wars

UPDATE: Here’s the complete lineup.

Awesomest Trip

We decided to drive up the coast this weekend. We’d gotten as far as Laguna before and turned inland, and really wanted to finally see LA. I was jumping up and down all morning while MK worked, all hyped up on Diet Dr.P. It was high time we had our little coast party weekend.

Our first stop was in Huntington Beach. We parked by the pier and checked out the Farmer’s Market, the Pier, the main strip of shops, which were nice and reasonable. Huntington has almost 9 miles of straight beach. Niiice. We shopped, walked, saw tons of volleyball players, and noticed that we were the oldest people there. Well, close. I’m putting median age at 16. Don’t they have school on Fridays?

We drove through Sunset Beach, Seal Beach, and up to Long Beach. The LBC! It’s not what you think, if you think like me. Theres a ton of industrial port stuff going on, there were more chains than I expected, and I didn’t see one person that could pass for an up and coming musician…

The drive continued through Rancho Palos Verdes, where I spotted the Trump Golf Course. If I ever golf, I’d do it there, on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. It looked spectacular. The houses there were accordingly insane, some just as big as we later saw in Beverly Hills. We stopped in a cove and watched some dolphins paying in the waves below us.

Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach, which for whatever reason I was expecting great things from, were mostly unremarkable, and we decided to not even stop there. Manhattan Beach was much more eclectic of a beach town, with a nice So-Co (South Congress, that is) kind of a vibe. We drove through El Segundo, and I am happy to report I did not leave my wallet.

We drove through quite a bot of Santa Monica, by the coast, by Venice Beach, and by the mall. Venice by the water was filthy (worse than PB at least), but the shopping on Main Street was cute, it got nicer as you headed north. The Third Street Promenade reminded me of Boston by Faneuil Hall, there were restaurants and street performers and no cars. It was really nice. We hit LA traffic as we headed in right at 7, but got through it easily and saw the longest line in the world for an appearance by Jared Leto. Hmm. We drive right down Rodeo Drive while it was nice and empty, and headed through Beverly Hills to see some mansions.

If any one else said it, it would sound crazy, but it was adorable that my ever-so-unassuming husband actually told BB on the phone that he’d “really like to live here, it’s a nice neighborhood”. Too cute. After driving by the Beverly Hills Hotel and Chateau Marmot and heading down Sunset Strip, I started making reality tv show type recollections, as in gaining the ability to point out to MK many places I’ve seen or heard about (ex. Ketchup – famous from the Hills hahaha) It was a lot of silly fun. We parked to visit the Chinese Theater, Kodak Theater, Hollywood Blvd. stars, and mostly wander through crowds to get some coffee. I love seeing other people love touristy stuff. Our car happened to be right where we could sit and watch Jimmy Kimmel Live’s outdoor stage set up for Paramore. I don’t care what you think, I like that girl’s voice and was pretty excited. We went up north to Valencia to stay overnight.

The hotel we stayed at was one of the nicest I’ve ever seen other than in Vegas. Our room had it’s own patio deck for laying out, and there was a giant pool, fire, and garden. We headed out through the shopping center in the morning. MK actually spent some formative years out here, so he let me know what was new and old as we drove through all of Valencia, Saugus, and Santa Clarita, and he took me to see the house he grew up in. We had a nice little greasy spoon breakfast and went to Vasquez Rocks.

vasquez rocks

When MK told me we were going there I didn’t know what it was, but I recognized it as soon as we pulled up. I hiked up the whole thing (yes, in a sundress) and we got some great pictures. It was beautiful. We drove past Magic Mountain, where MK spent most of his youth, and got on the road to Ojai, the place I picked for our trip.

Ojai has been in tons of shows and news pieces lately, and I really wanted to see what it was all about. We stopped on the way out there and bought more strawberries and oranges than a human could eat in a year for 10$. We saw Thomas Aquinas College, which was neat. The view from the inland road above Ojai Valley was amazing. We had some local Italian and wine for lunch at Boccali’s, and enjoyed the sunny afternoon as we strolled through the parks and shops.

ojai park downtown

The whole drive to Malibu we saw some incredible houses. The canyons were immense. There was still some fire damage in some places by Pepperdine. We stopped in their main shopping center for coffee. My husband, who never knows who anyone is, spotted first the swarm of paps, then none other than Val Kilmer running out of Ralph Lauren. I was pretty impressed – by MK.

Malibu makes no sense to me, as there is very little parking and houses on most of the water front. We drove back up through some other hills and cliffs look at houses. We stopped at Will Rogers State Beach, and walked up and down the Santa Monica Pier. I think all piers should be like this, with rides and games and amusement-type things, as opposed to the Ruby’s diners that you usually see.

santa monica pier

Back in LA we saw the Sherman Oaks Galleria and the Getty Center. We managed to drive through half of Hollywood and Hollywoodland and checked out the sign. Also of note was the line of 100s of cars and aliens heading into the giant Church of Scientology Celebrity Center.

I’ve got image descriptions for all the pictures, here’s the link!