The Nickname Stuck

The stop in Vegas on the way home from Austin where I meet the husband is a redo of this one, last year.

These people are our San Diego friends, to whom I’m still “the Firecracker”. No one remembers why, but still thinks it’s hilarious. I’ll take it, I’ve been called worse (!)
I love, love, love Vegas, and am happier that I am closer to it than ever. I could spend every other weekend there. I found some hilarious Vegas tips over at Pointless Banter:

Games to Play in Vegas
More Truths About Vegas

I added the game from my last trip in the comments, we were celebrity look alike hunting. I found a guy that looked like Flavor Flav, which sent us into fits of laughter. Priceless. One of my favorite times to go is the Super Bowl. Then men and money and cigars and excitement at the sports book is classic. Everyone has a good Vegas story, or should.

I enjoyed the pool at the MGM very much, especially the lazy river wrestling show.

mgm grand pool lazy river

What’s your Vegas story?

NANO TOTAL: 9900 words.
NaBlo Day 14: Check.


5 thoughts on “The Nickname Stuck

  1. How about the time I went with a bunch of girls for a bachelorette party, and somebody dosed my drink with something and I turned into a wasted person that had to be escorted out of “insert super-club name HERE”…I know that had to be the case, b/c I only drank like 3 stoli/crans!!

  2. I’m not really a fan of Vegas, and my Vegas story honestly can’t be repeated in mixed company. Things that should exist only on the internet…

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