I’m Allergic To New Episodes

Every where I look, there’s an announcement for all these new shows.

You have to admit that writer’s strike came at a great time for us, right when we began life without cable. It was a tough adjustment at first you know, getting out doors and in the sun when we first got to San Diego. I imagine if we’d stayed through the winter in Seattle I would have DIED without cable, after experiencing like three days of that weather before we left. Ugh.

So at first we watched what we wanted, all two shows (Heroes and Grey’s) online. That was relatively simple. But now…NOW there’s some valuable night time that we would love to cuddle up and watch crap TV and our options are American Idol and Dancing with the Stars (The two channels that come in with the tin foil on the 12″ screen). I in all earnestness can’t handle the fact that some people can actually get/sit through an entire episode of either. (Riverdance? People still do that???)

The internet and commercials during The Simpsons keep taunting me with all the new stuff I’m missing out on. Especially, there’s The Hills, which a friend got me into briefly, and Workout, which is awesome because I always workout after, or sometimes even while I watch it, so it’s truly guilt free reality crap.

Back! New Episodes! It’s not fair. But hey, it’s almost moving time again, so I get to make sure that soon I can get back to the Sunday marathons to get caught up. Until then, I’m pretending I’m allergic.


worout tv show


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