Laptop Thursday

Threats don’t usually work in my house. They get laughed at. I, (all 5 feet of me) apparently, am not all that threatening. I can’t understand that.

My latest threat is “Laptop Thursday”. For the last couple weeks, I’ve been reminding my husband that I asked for a new laptop for Christmas and was told to wait until the super tiny fancy one I wanted “went on sale”. Well, on our last travels, I won a giant crack in my laptop screen, compliments of the TSA. Supposedly this can be fixed, but to me it’s a sign that I NEED A NEW LAPTOP.

I really do want to finish a book or two and concentrate my efforts on publication. I can’t concentrate on anything with the upper right hand side of the screen all scratched and broken. Tomorrow is supposed to be the day, the plan is supposed to go down like this:

I get dressed up and get directions and get into my car and drive to a store, point to a computer I like without any education on said laptop, and purchase it without so much as a thought.

This plan has been repeatedly relayed to the husband with the hope it will scare him sufficiently to A) Come along and pick the right computer, or B) Order me the equivalent however he sees fit.

Really the idea is to not go buy something that will get me grounded for ever, but to at least give the appearance that I will to force him into action. I’ll let you know how it goes.

small laptop


5 thoughts on “Laptop Thursday

  1. I have to keep reminding my husband that a cheaper computer does not a good computer make. Not that I want to pay 10,000 on a super computer, but I’d dearly love one that isn’t going to give me time to make a sandwich everytime I open Paint Shop Pro.

    Good luck with your plan.

  2. um…
    Please tell me that is not a picture of you typing on your Laptop? Those are some serious looking man hands.


  3. Jayne – When all’s said and done I’ll give you pointers 😉
    Jeff- No, those are not my hands. The idea was to show the small size laptop I want. But thanks for cracking me up. I happen to have lovely hands.
    Craig – Riiiiight…

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