Well, had I known early yesterday morning what kind of day it would turn out to be, I wouldn’t have posted so forcefully. I mean, I was sure I was going to be shopping today. But now, it’s going to have to be laptop weekend.

The weather was the best it’s been yet, and KE and I made our drinks and lunch, grabbed our books, and got to start our summer early. Bikinis in February are hilarious. The boys came to meet us, and we were out all afternoon. We cooked a giant dinner, and toasted the sunset.

We scored last minute tickets to Anthology to see the Pat Metheny Trio. Collectively, I learned that that many Grammy’s only awards you a very strange crowd. The place was interesting to say the least, and it led to a long night.

So today was a lazy day. MK humored me much more than I expected, but of course after all the online research he is trying to convince me to wait until the best wi-max compatible whatever is available. We all know he’s just stalling, but has committed to taking me shopping this weekend. We’ll see…



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