So excited. Click here for details on the list. Click the links to get the RSVP info. for the parties!!


Five Shows I Can’t WAIT for:

  1. The Hot Freaks Party
  2. Pure Volume Ranch
  3. Do512 Day Party
  4. Bay Area Takeover
  5. My Open Bar – Sink or Swim

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Fused Magazine
  2. Modern Radio – MNMigration
  3. Paste and Stereogum
  4. Done Waiting Day Show
  5. Planetary Presents
  6. Filter Magazine Party
  7. Little Radio Presents
  8. TerrorBird Force Field Day Party
  9. The Great’08 Tailgate
  10. Music by the Slice
  11. Tallcorn Day Party
  12. more TBA, you get the idea…


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