The Skinny (On My Book, Not My Butt)

The story so far: Last November, I wrote a book. This November, I wrote another book. A much better book. Each of them are just over 50,000 words and were finished within a month. I spent the past year editing the first book. I got to Chapter 4, of 12 chapters. I asked for help. Not so much. Editing does not equal writing, it is a lot less fun and how do you ever stop editing yourself? Yawn.

Now I’m over the first book, a romance-y just trying to get published kind of a thing, and obsessed with my second book, a Fear and Loathing crazy-style marriage of good writing and interesting action. I know I’m a writer, that these books could sell. In what form? Probably an edited one.

What do I do? Keep editing the first book? Jump to the second? Hire a real life editor? Hire an agent? Burn them both? (The books, not the editor and agent…) Send them out as is?

I’d like your thoughts.


Good Stuff While I Marinate

So there’s a couple places that I want to point your attention to while I’m trying to remember how to use the keyboard.

First, there’s this blog that I can’t get enough of that I want to share with you. Still A Person is an internet acquaintance of mine that went and got married, knocked up his wife very soon thereafter, and is now about to be the father of twins. Girl twins. Wow. He writes them letters that make my blogging look like 3rd grade essays. UPDATE: That part of the life story over, he’s continuing his blogging endeavor here now.

Then of course, after a long absence, Snippy is blogging again, but now she’s a mommy blogger. You heard it here first. She is the proud parent of two little munchkins. I’m sure that’s going to be good.

Unlike these people, somegosoftly has no intentions (sorry again mom and dad) of becoming a mommy, now or ever.  But, in the vein of The Blind Leading the Blind, who has chosen to blog to you about the fitness of getting sexy, I’m thinking I might use this space to remind you what I’m supposed to be doing- getting around to publishing two books. Interested?


Like Everyone Else

Taking time off during the holidays makes everyone a thinker. People sit around and reminisce, and decide to try new things in the new year. In my little blogosphere, I’ve seen tons of “new things to come” announcements. I don’t like to blog about blogging, but I’m stuck sounding like the rest of them. I learned recently from my panel of experts that I’m funnier than this blog, and they are sick of reading about all the neat things I get to do and therefore threatening a reader’s union strike. Ouch. So I need to change my format. I agreed with their assessment, mainly because we were in a bar and they were buying my drinks.

I haven’t figured out what all that means for somegosoftly.  I started a super secret new blog to see how I feel about trying something new, you could probably find it if you were a motivated hunter. I get so many hits here someone besides my mom MUST like my stories, but I’m so far behind at this point I’d rather run a checklist than relay each awesome story. (How about I went a lot of places and did a lot of things with a lot of people?) I just know it’s time to say goodbye to diary style. No one cares how many days a month I work out, even I can admit that.


Executive Summation

This time last year, I was traveling a foreign land as I celebrated my holidays. This year, what felt even more like a foreign land was in fact, just Southern California.

For three of the last four Thanksgivings, I have kept company of strangers and friends rather than family. While it may not please family to hear it, it’s a tradition of new things that I hope to continue.

For my last two Christmases, I’ve experienced something completely different. Last Christmas Eve, I ate a cup of noodles in the middle of nowhere, New Zealand, and watched tv. This Christmas Eve consisted of “Tamales, Tequila, and Tejano” and opening gifts at midnight. I can only say that the part of my family I have too long over looked made this holiday celebration one of my most memorable.

My Christmas days have included walks on the beach for the last two years, another tradition I wouldn’t complain about continuing. A little pool and darts was more hilarious to be doing Christmas day, and a problem I’d been carrying too long resolved itself for once and for all. It was a great feeling. My friends and family pouring in and teaching me about how able they are to help themselves has made me learn about being a more comfortable hostess, one that wants everyone to always be welcome in her home, whether it’s a mansion or a one room trailer.

Seeing the Holiday Bowl from 4 rows back made me realize how good I have it all over again. The new friends I’ve met make me less scared to put myself out there, to try to be accepted by strangers. And throwing such a diverse group together only gives you more memories to laugh about (ZDL, anyone?)

New Year’s put me smack in the middle of another realization, that without a certain core group of acquaintances (AS-H) in particular, I would have not only never met my husband, but also none of these particularly close friends I know I’m never going to lose.

It’s been a good year here. I can’t wait to see what the next one brings. Except for getting older so soon, I could totally wait on that…

father time