Like Everyone Else

Taking time off during the holidays makes everyone a thinker. People sit around and reminisce, and decide to try new things in the new year. In my little blogosphere, I’ve seen tons of “new things to come” announcements. I don’t like to blog about blogging, but I’m stuck sounding like the rest of them. I learned recently from my panel of experts that I’m funnier than this blog, and they are sick of reading about all the neat things I get to do and therefore threatening a reader’s union strike. Ouch. So I need to change my format. I agreed with their assessment, mainly because we were in a bar and they were buying my drinks.

I haven’t figured out what all that means for somegosoftly.  I started a super secret new blog to see how I feel about trying something new, you could probably find it if you were a motivated hunter. I get so many hits here someone besides my mom MUST like my stories, but I’m so far behind at this point I’d rather run a checklist than relay each awesome story. (How about I went a lot of places and did a lot of things with a lot of people?) I just know it’s time to say goodbye to diary style. No one cares how many days a month I work out, even I can admit that.



5 thoughts on “Like Everyone Else

  1. I care. Really. Not just because I love you, but because you help me to take baby steps toward being a healthier version of myself. Of course, if I DIDN’T love you, I would probably hate you for your dedication and resultant killer bod.

    But I’m excited that you’re going to make some changes to SGS! Everybody needs a shake-up now and then.

  2. By way of example, I thought of you today while I was frying up some extra-crispy bacon for my bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheddar sandwich. I thought, ‘she would probably gag and go for a run if she saw this.’ But I ate it anyway. 😉

  3. Whatever you choose to do, I hope you decide to keep writing, in some fashion or another. I’ll admit, I don’t keep up with the exercise you do (mainly because I’m jealous you have the discipline to do that) but you’re a good writer. I think I found your secret hideaway, but I don’t want to give it away here. 🙂

  4. Trish, word is I’m coming to see you, so I went ahead and gained 20 lbs. this holiday season, just for fun…
    Jayne, the dashboard isn’t even close to doing what I expected, I should have tried somewhere else…

  5. That picture is more than a bit scary… You’re feeding my fear of sharks… and I can’t wait to see the changes (although how many days a month you work out is interesting – to me anyway!)

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