Executive Summation

This time last year, I was traveling a foreign land as I celebrated my holidays. This year, what felt even more like a foreign land was in fact, just Southern California.

For three of the last four Thanksgivings, I have kept company of strangers and friends rather than family. While it may not please family to hear it, it’s a tradition of new things that I hope to continue.

For my last two Christmases, I’ve experienced something completely different. Last Christmas Eve, I ate a cup of noodles in the middle of nowhere, New Zealand, and watched tv. This Christmas Eve consisted of “Tamales, Tequila, and Tejano” and opening gifts at midnight. I can only say that the part of my family I have too long over looked made this holiday celebration one of my most memorable.

My Christmas days have included walks on the beach for the last two years, another tradition I wouldn’t complain about continuing. A little pool and darts was more hilarious to be doing Christmas day, and a problem I’d been carrying too long resolved itself for once and for all. It was a great feeling. My friends and family pouring in and teaching me about how able they are to help themselves has made me learn about being a more comfortable hostess, one that wants everyone to always be welcome in her home, whether it’s a mansion or a one room trailer.

Seeing the Holiday Bowl from 4 rows back made me realize how good I have it all over again. The new friends I’ve met make me less scared to put myself out there, to try to be accepted by strangers. And throwing such a diverse group together only gives you more memories to laugh about (ZDL, anyone?)

New Year’s put me smack in the middle of another realization, that without a certain core group of acquaintances (AS-H) in particular, I would have not only never met my husband, but also none of these particularly close friends I know I’m never going to lose.

It’s been a good year here. I can’t wait to see what the next one brings. Except for getting older so soon, I could totally wait on that…

father time


8 thoughts on “Executive Summation

  1. We had such a great time – thanks for everything, but I think you got me sick. It was either you or standing outside in 30-something weather to watch a football game without a coat because it isnt supposed to be that cold in San Diego – I blame you. 😉

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