The Skinny (On My Book, Not My Butt)

The story so far: Last November, I wrote a book. This November, I wrote another book. A much better book. Each of them are just over 50,000 words and were finished within a month. I spent the past year editing the first book. I got to Chapter 4, of 12 chapters. I asked for help. Not so much. Editing does not equal writing, it is a lot less fun and how do you ever stop editing yourself? Yawn.

Now I’m over the first book, a romance-y just trying to get published kind of a thing, and obsessed with my second book, a Fear and Loathing crazy-style marriage of good writing and interesting action. I know I’m a writer, that these books could sell. In what form? Probably an edited one.

What do I do? Keep editing the first book? Jump to the second? Hire a real life editor? Hire an agent? Burn them both? (The books, not the editor and agent…) Send them out as is?

I’d like your thoughts.



7 thoughts on “The Skinny (On My Book, Not My Butt)

  1. Although I have never published a book, I’ve been in enough writing clubs, seminars, and listened to authors expound upon their craft that the one thing that seems to be consistent across all authors is to NEVER edit your own book. If you have the means to hire a professional editor, then do so.

  2. i would love to edit your book, unless you’re A) scared that nothing will be left
    B) I’ll re-write it so well that it’ll have to be published under MY name
    C) afraid to let me read it.

  3. My suggestion is send out the first two chapters of the first book to a bunch of agents (50 is a good, round number). Set some editing goals and wait for the rejection letters to trickle in. If someone’s interested, great. Look into their background and decide if they’re a good fit for you. If no one does, send out 50 more submissions and continue to set editing goals. Don’t send out a manuscript to a publisher, because you can only send out one at a time. You can send out as many submissions to different agents as you want, and they’ll help you get more money if they sign you.

    Unfortunately, you don’t just hire an agent. You could also send your book to a self-publishing company.

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