Good Stuff While I Marinate

So there’s a couple places that I want to point your attention to while I’m trying to remember how to use the keyboard.

First, there’s this blog that I can’t get enough of that I want to share with you. Still A Person is an internet acquaintance of mine that went and got married, knocked up his wife very soon thereafter, and is now about to be the father of twins. Girl twins. Wow. He writes them letters that make my blogging look like 3rd grade essays. UPDATE: That part of the life story over, he’s continuing his blogging endeavor here now.

Then of course, after a long absence, Snippy is blogging again, but now she’s a mommy blogger. You heard it here first. She is the proud parent of two little munchkins. I’m sure that’s going to be good.

Unlike these people, somegosoftly has no intentions (sorry again mom and dad) of becoming a mommy, now or ever.  But, in the vein of The Blind Leading the Blind, who has chosen to blog to you about the fitness of getting sexy, I’m thinking I might use this space to remind you what I’m supposed to be doing- getting around to publishing two books. Interested?



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