What About The Internet?

The research began after a long, thought provoking weekend during which I attended Seattle’s Gay Pride Parade and began to rethink how I feel about a lot of things. I began to root around a little for explanations and theories about Christianity and homosexuality. And this is what I found:

God hates shrimp

I wonder what He thinks about the internet.

On the one hand, that is a fun little way to think about things, sort of. On the other, I think it’s painfully obvious people (including me) have too much time on their hands. Unfortunately it didn’t bring me any new realizations…



2 thoughts on “What About The Internet?

  1. Since you now live in Seattle, you should also be aware of God’s commands in Leviticus 17:47-59, regarding what to do with linen, woll, or leather materials that have mildew on them (since it’s so rainy in Seattle). Be sure to have a priest handy to inspect the materials.

    My point is that if Leviticus 18’s deal with homosexuality is so relevant to modern times, then His feelings on mildew should be given equal weight. That is why I always leave my old dirty towels at my local Southern Baptist church.

    BTW, godhatesshrimp.com is satire, I’m pretty sure, and so are my thoughts on mildew. I can’t speak for God, though, so why risk it?

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