Permanent Vacation

Mom is a little jealous. It is kind of like we’re on a permanent vacation. Except we know it just might, someday, end. Today is not that day. Yesterday we toured every outskirt of Seattle that we’d seen from the boat to find the parks and ‘beaches’. We saw an ice cream truck, giants, and a lady that sings to the geese. Loudly. We found a State Park with a heated indoor pool and indoor tennis courts. And more beaches. I stuck my toes in the water and decided I certainly have not lived up north long enough to remember that I used to swim at Old Orchard Beach in Maine, which I think was around 45 degrees in August.

I am now fairly bronzed, and this morning treated myself to a pedicure, something I had sworn off in an effort to reduce my spending, but they’re less that 20$ here, so why not give it a go? I was a little nervous that the cheapness would result in toe fungus, and prepared to run off mid polish in necessary. However, it was even better here than in Austin. I was divinely pampered.

park view


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