Kelly Clarkson

Friday we ran, we ate, we shopped, we hung out and played a little Paper Mario. MK took me back to the library, I needed more books! I didn’t realize that one that I checked out was third in a four part series, I don’t do that. We got ready and went out to meet friends at the Greenlake bar The Kangaroo and Kiwi. I hadn’t paid much attention to Greenlake, but it’s like Town Lake. A lake you can run around. Good to know. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned I’ve never driven in this city, so I doubt I could find it to run at, but maybe someday…It was a super fun bar. CD and I beat the boys at darts, always good. This is the crazy part: I met a guy, and told him I was from CT. He said, “Where? I have a best friend that is from _____” (my hometown!) I have never met anyone, ever, before, that has heard of _____, never mind been there and can describe parts to me. Unreal. The guy was older than me, so I’m not sure if I know the friend or not, but since there’s only one school, he’s gotta be in a year book somewhere.

As the night unfolded, there began to be a slightly too extreme amount of debauchery for me. I know, can you believe this day has come? Apparently Seattle-ites party harder than Austinites. Who knew? CD agreed to go with MK and I to a bar back downtown. We ended up at Belltown Billiards. I’ve never had a warmer beer, and I felt like I was on 6th St. back in Austin. College kid party. The music was more hilarious than I’ve ever heard, from Journey to Kid Rock to Salt and Pepa to R. Kelly to Whitesnake. Really. More mixed up that anything, anywhere. We were laughing so hard, and I fell into my joke routine of really bad dance moves that I do when I’m bored, problem being guys were still hitting on us, thinking that’s ‘how we do it’ … They need dance lessons up here. One guy thought he was the white(er) M. Jackson. OMG.

We stayed out all night (finally, every time CD takes us out we’re in bed by 11…) and woke up rather late Saturday morning. I packed us a huge fun and delicious lunch and we went to some sort of park that looked under construction and messy, but had beautiful views and a ton of windsurfers. We ate three inches from the water and succeeded in not getting splashed by any waves. It was past the UW campus (FYI, it’s called You-Dub) and were at the University District light coming back when we noticed there was a street fair, so we checked it out. U-Dist. is like Guadalupe with bars, it’s the main drag for the college. The fair was about 10 blocks long, plus side streets full of food vendors. We didn’t have the camera. It sprinkled a little, and that thing about locals is true – there was not one person over the age of 3 that used an umbrella. It’s all about the hoodie here.

Back home, we got all pretty and headed out to Fado’s, where MK and I enjoyed our “Anniversary Dinner.” That’s right, folks, MK and I will be MARRIED A YEAR next week, and we’re not going to force our 3 guests to take us out to dinner. 🙂 We were actually supposed to meet some people, but didn’t…oh well! We went to Shorty’s to practice a little…then headed home. You understand, of course, that I haven’t posted due to the pain of pinball, my hands were sore with practice and skill, so that’s why it took so long…


And now, the dramatic conclusion you’ve all been waiting for: I lost my first two out of three match, but won the second, then lost the third, by being matched up against the last year’s champion. The first two games were relatively close, but this third girl beat me by about 100billion points. I was super happy to advance that far in a pool of 24. We made a ton of new friends and had shots with the owner and partied like crazy all night. So the experience was worth it, but I am unfortunately not the owner of a pinball machine. MK and I were starving, even though we wanted to see who won, but it took too long, so I probably won’t know until tomorrow who the winner was. They had film crews and news reporters there and one of the girls I talked to was from Austin. That was fun. What is not fun is not knowing you’re being video-taped saying “I’m not playing that last ball, there’s no point, she’s up 300billion points”, and everyone laughing at you. I’m still mad and MK. I did make the guy promise not to open his segment with my little mini fit…

We ate at Hurricane Cafe, the Kerbey Lane of Seattle, with the notable feature of ALL YOU CAN EAT hash browns, I’m betting we’ll make it there with our guests next weekend – who I am more super excited about that ANYTHING, since it’s 24hrs. and two blocks away. They blared Kelly Clarkson last night. Hopefully they’ll have a new CD next time. It was a little loud.

kelly clarkson


28 Weeks Later

Man, do I love zombie movies. I think I have seen a million. It started when I used to wait tables in college, there was a group that would get together and watch super old school ones. Often. Those were typically funny to me, and for the most part so are new ones, but I always jump at least once if the film’s good.

when zombies attack

For whatever reason, zombie movies are the only movies at which I allow myself popcorn. MK and I went and saw 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to 28 Days Later. I don’t think I can remember liking a sequel more than its predecessor ever, but this movie ruled. We went and saw it at Cinerama, a downtown theater that Paul Allen bought to save from being demolished.

Today, as the world realizes the importance of the Cinerama art form in motion picture history, serious efforts are being made to ensure that a whole new generation of movie buffs will be able to experience the magic of Cinerama. Currently, there are three places in the world still capable of showing three-panel Cinerama films: Seattle’s Cinerama Theatre, the Cinerama Dome at ArcLight Cinemas in Los Angeles, and a screening room in a museum in Bradford, England.

The experience itself was a ton of fun, and again, even if you don’t like zombie movies, you should go check this one out, it’s fantastic. The action is super fast paced, there’s tons of blood and guts and stupid choices that people make when faced with zombies. Those three factors are my only three, so the movie certainly measures up!

28 weeks later

Sweeping Generalizations

Once you’ve lived in a city for a month, you get a free pass to decide how you feel about things – everything – and make gross opinionated statements. Due to my general community outreach and diligent exploration, I’ve been given permission at the three week mark. I feel so special. Without further ado:

Everything Good and Bad about Seattle from someone who has lived here three weeks

(as most frequently compared to Austin Texas due to that being the former residence).

  • Traffic: Traffic sucks here. It must be the worst traffic in the universe. Austinites that complain about traffic should be forced to visit Seattle. It is always rush hour. Seriously. The roads make no sense. Even with GPS and coffee and a sherpa.
  • Public Transportation: What’s that? Really though, it will be good. In a few years. Seattle is renovating the underground bus terminals and putting in light rail. As I type, I can see them working on it. And the bus I took from my place to the baseball game did get me there and back…but also made me decide against a bus pass. I’m walking and cabbing. (Side note: Only ONE acceptable cab company in the whole city!!)
  • Food: Mmm, delicious. What do you want? Best Vietnamese and Pan Asian, because we’re close, duh. The seafood is not what I expected, in that it’s so expensive and basically what you can get anywhere else, just fresher. (Hopefully.) I prefer to go to Market Fresh and cook it myself. Apples are fresh. They’re from here. What else? The restaurants are crazy busy, the good ones, that is, and the atmosphere everywhere is of a community that loves to eat and treats a dinner out like a party. I love that.
  • Clubs/Bars: There is definitely something for everyone. Typically, if you journey out, you’re there for the night though, it’s hard to hop around in small areas other than Belltown (where we are) and Pioneer Square (where the homeless sleep). We have loved everywhere we’ve been, with the exception of the pool hall turned ghetto booty dance club. My fave that I’ve mentioned, is Shorty’s, my pinball home away from home, and I also like Twist, home of $2 drink and food Happy Hour.
  • People: I feel that Seattle is a very diverse community. I don’t really have experience in trying to peg the locals vs. the tourists, I’m not used to that game. For the most part everyone we’ve befriended rocks, and strangers are unfriendly. Like NYC unfriendly. Whatevs.
  • Clothes: Retail here is going to make me broke. But happy. The boutiques are surely mostly imports of fab findings, and it’s lovely to walk to a Nordy’s and Macy’s downtown. Austin needs that. There I go comparing again…People here are all either dressed to the nine’s or dressed to hike Mt. Rainier even though it’s closed. It’s funny.
  • Community: Never living in a downtown condo before, I’ve loved the seeing of the same people at the same places, becoming a regular at certain places and feeling part of it all. Seattle is cool like that, area neighbors are by default buddies. In no time at all.
  • Weather: Dude, seriously, it has rained once. And been cold twice, rain day included. They tell you it’s bad all year so YOU DON’T MOVE HERE.
  • Ageism: The average age in Seattle is 35. There is a huge group of Google, Qwest, Starbucks-ers that deserve their own category title. I also think MK and I are the only married people without kids in the city…
  • Homeless: This is a problem. There are (to me) a disproportionate amount of homeless everywhere, in every public park, at the market, on the square. And they are, by far, the most aggressive I’ve ever seen – including the east coast. I talked to one friend who told me he volunteers to help them and the issue is they are severely under medicated and there just isn’t proper aid. Think of 7th St/Salvation Army area of Austin and spread that out over the downtown. It’s really sad.
  • The Arts: The Ballet and etc. etc are big here. There’s a Paramount and opera house. The museum and library are fantastic. I’m becoming more cultured…so they must be good.
  • Sports: Reminder Seattle and Austin are roughly the same size and Austin has no pro sports. Qwest and Safeco (Mariners and Seahawks) are right next door downtown. Sonics (for now) play at the Key Arena in the Seattle Center. I like sports. The layout and all aspects of the fans make the sports up here good times.
  • Parks: 6,200 Acres (about 11% of the City’s total land area) here is a park. I love running by the water, MK and I have driven to numerous parks. My favorite by far is Gas Works Park, 20 acres north of the city that was a former plant, where the boiler still stands, with a great view. (picture below)
  • Coffee: Everywhere we go, we’ve seen the popularity of the French Press. We even have one. That’s how the restaurants seem to serve it. There is, literally, a coffee shop every block. And sure, people drink Starbucks, but I’d venture to say locals go elsewhere…there are thousands of local places to choose from.
  • Wifi: There is a pretty huge list of places that you can go to get free wifi here. I am decently impressed with the connectivity of the city, the blog community, and the technology overall.

gasworks park

Well, what did I miss? What gross sweeping generalization am I utterly wrong about? I look forward to the discussion!

A Little Chilly

Today was freezing! It was…about 6o. We never did make it out in the morning for our run, even after trying to get all dressed up warm. I’m not very sad about that. We did walk a little…when sun did show up a little later. We went to practice. My only shot to survive one game of this pinball tournament Sunday is to cheat or play Lord of the Rings and accidentally shoot the same shot that I shot today…which will never happen, even if I do get in any more practice. I was thinking of maybe wrapping my hands all sumo style. Quarters in my palms? Hmmm.

My New Crush

After exploring all the blogs I told you to here, I have a new favorite. Blog. And person. Zach Braff. I think we have a lot in common. Our taste in music. We blog.

Okay, maybe that’s it. And maybe he doesn’t post every day like he should, but he’s way cuter and probably busier than Rosie. Hey Zach, I’m gonna go check out your new movie, The Ex. You’re welcome. What’s that? Oh, I’m not your biggest fan? This guy is? Whatever.

No seriously, watch that, all the way through.

zach braff hott