A Little Chilly

Today was freezing! It was…about 6o. We never did make it out in the morning for our run, even after trying to get all dressed up warm. I’m not very sad about that. We did walk a little…when sun did show up a little later. We went to practice. My only shot to survive one game of this pinball tournament Sunday is to cheat or play Lord of the Rings and accidentally shoot the same shot that I shot today…which will never happen, even if I do get in any more practice. I was thinking of maybe wrapping my hands all sumo style. Quarters in my palms? Hmmm.


Burnout Test

The whole website is pretty interesting, with stress relief tips, and management resources. Sometimes this stuff is funny to look at whether or not you work OR feel stressed – and even just to remind you how others might be feeling when they cut you off or act rudely or snap at you over the phone…

Burnout Test

so stressed

My New Crush

After exploring all the blogs I told you to here, I have a new favorite. Blog. And person. Zach Braff. I think we have a lot in common. Our taste in music. We blog.

Okay, maybe that’s it. And maybe he doesn’t post every day like he should, but he’s way cuter and probably busier than Rosie. Hey Zach, I’m gonna go check out your new movie, The Ex. You’re welcome. What’s that? Oh, I’m not your biggest fan? This guy is? Whatever.

No seriously, watch that, all the way through.

zach braff hott

Trying Flickr

So there, what I went and did was put all the Maritime Festival Pictures from this weekend up in my Flickr account. I don’t use it very often since there’s limited sizes and code, but for sharing purposes, this might work best. I’m hoping that you can just open the link and see everything. I put up a dozen or so. We take too many…

Tons of blogs have little photo slide shows on the side of the page, I’m not going to attempt all that. It’s easier for all of us that way. Updated: As you will see if you’ve been around, Flickr sucks and I’m using Snapfish these days.

Click here

You can view it as a slide show or click the detail button for the little blurbs I added for you. Let me know what you think.


Another Weekend

One more weekend done. It’s been such a blast but it also feels like the time is passing so quickly! After lunch Friday we headed out to Broadway, where I happily found a dozen or so great boutiques and bought 4 shirts and a dress. One was a 99$ BCBG shirt on sale for 30$. I know where I’m getting my stuff from now on! Super fashionable, trendy, and affordable. I love my new looks, it’s fun to change it up every once in a while…

We went to Fremont to a bar called Nectar and saw a great salsa/reggaeton band that a friend invited us out to. For whatever reason, though, we still can’t get used to staying out late and were out of there by 12. The next morning, bright and early, we were back by the water for more chowder and excitement. There was a cruise ship docked, this weekend starts the season and it was definitely a sight. People where everywhere on the piers, luggage and cell phones, eating, drinking. I’ve never been on one but it looked interesting. If you’ve never seen one of those boats, I don’t think you can conceptualize the size of those things. It was crazy. We started out touring the harbor in a free tour, happy to get out on the water, and happy to learn that is not something worth paying for when company comes. The we toured the maritime museum, which was actually a lot of fun, very kid oriented. There was a tug boat ‘parade’ and contest where we voted for our favorite. It was one big party after another on the water. The Coast Guard followed with an amazing presentation of a helicopter water rescue. After that, we got back on chowder duty. We must have tried at least ten and started getting pretty full. Not only that, but there were Yankees fans everywhere…so we had to get out of there…yug.jpg

We have so many great pictures and I’m still not sure the easiest way to get the most to you…

But I have to at least show you my “Deadliest Catch”:


Sunday we spent the day shopping, Fred Meyer, my new favorite store, a quick stop at WalMart, and a ton of food at Costco. We have company coming so soon…

Ode For The Day

Not sure if you are as lucky as I am, but my mother is certainly my best friend. She and I talk nearly every day, which Dad and MK love as they pay the phone bills. I had so much fun growing up because of her (and my dad but that’s for June). It’s interesting to grow up and learn more about life and really start to see how important family is and how much more appreciative you become. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there – I think I know one beside my own…


I’ll Have You Know

Rosie shamelessly plugged her Blog Thursday on The View. She must have heard somegosoftly talking about her. She mentioned the Blogger’s Choice Awards, which you may have noticed hanging out in my right column over there. She’s nominated for Best Celebrity Blogger. I went and read it. Well, clicked through a couple pages. If you’re not going to, it’s home movies and what I think she would call ‘free verse’. It reminded me there are so many different kinds of blogs out there, journals and stories, rants and raves.

I have not mentioned to you a vote for me request, my particular intention was just to draw new people over here, internet readers and blog fans, considering I know my main following are not blog-inclined – thanks for the love of course. I’ll even admit to you I nominated myself, in addition of course to Snippy and Cryptic Philosopher. But, I will suggest you go peruse if you have nothing better to do, there are categories and rankings that may help you stumble upon something you love.

ugly rosie

New Books

It’s been far too long since I read, well, anything, and we finally made it back to the library for me to score some more books. We are still out running all around, only difference is I can read in the car. I’m reading Lisa Glatt now and have some Updike as well to look forward to. It was pretty funny – before I was a ‘confirmed’ friend of the library, I was allowed 5 books at a time, but now that they verified my address, I get 100. Really. People here must like to read. Also, I learned today that when you return the books, they go on a little conveyor like luggage at an airport, and they typically only lose a paperback once every three months. Sacrifice for progress, little buddy. 🙂

Keep an eye on the page I list novels I’ve read on and side bar for what I’m reading! I went ahead and borrowed books on my Amazon wish list since I haven’t gotten any presents in the mail lately…MK’s already let me know now I don’t NEED any presents, I have a library card.

pile of books