I’ll Have You Know

Rosie shamelessly plugged her Blog Thursday on The View. She must have heard somegosoftly talking about her. She mentioned the Blogger’s Choice Awards, which you may have noticed hanging out in my right column over there. She’s nominated for Best Celebrity Blogger. I went and read it. Well, clicked through a couple pages. If you’re not going to, it’s home movies and what I think she would call ‘free verse’. It reminded me there are so many different kinds of blogs out there, journals and stories, rants and raves.

I have not mentioned to you a vote for me request, my particular intention was just to draw new people over here, internet readers and blog fans, considering I know my main following are not blog-inclined – thanks for the love of course. I’ll even admit to you I nominated myself, in addition of course to Snippy and Cryptic Philosopher. But, I will suggest you go peruse if you have nothing better to do, there are categories and rankings that may help you stumble upon something you love.

ugly rosie


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