New Books

It’s been far too long since I read, well, anything, and we finally made it back to the library for me to score some more books. We are still out running all around, only difference is I can read in the car. I’m reading Lisa Glatt now and have some Updike as well to look forward to. It was pretty funny – before I was a ‘confirmed’ friend of the library, I was allowed 5 books at a time, but now that they verified my address, I get 100. Really. People here must like to read. Also, I learned today that when you return the books, they go on a little conveyor like luggage at an airport, and they typically only lose a paperback once every three months. Sacrifice for progress, little buddy. 🙂

Keep an eye on the page I list novels I’ve read on and side bar for what I’m reading! I went ahead and borrowed books on my Amazon wish list since I haven’t gotten any presents in the mail lately…MK’s already let me know now I don’t NEED any presents, I have a library card.

pile of books


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