Bragging While I Can

Check this out y’all, with Georgetown winning last night JUST as I had predicted, I for the first time ever am in first place of the bracket group I did:



Another Good Cause

There are some things I notice about growing up. I had never run around being involved in charity  very often, I can’t lie to you. Must have been since I watched The Inconvenient Truth and then the Tom Brokaw special on global warming (his is actually better, more informative) and then last night I saw that Planet Earth special on Discovery – all THREE HOURS of it – that I’m getting a little concerned about my role in this life.

Here’s a great site that I found. If you use this as your search engine this week, Microsoft will be donating money to the UN Refugee Fund.

There are also t shirts and a donation site here.

Astute Readers

Truth be told, I wasn’t really scared to move, just wondering how two people with stay at home ‘jobs’ would meet new people. The recent deluge of mail and phone calls has let me know that there will, indeed, not be a weekend over the next six months where we will not have a visitor, so that won’t matter.

I’m calling shenanigans. People always say they will come and visit, but then make up excuses and no show. I, on the other hand, will be driving through Denver to see my bestest buddy, for sure. And there’s this one little lady I have a feeling will make it up there, because, crap, this is a great lineup for a music festival:

Sasquatch Festival

And jeez, how could you NOT go to something named the Sasquatch Festival? Not much can beat Austin City Limits Festival, but LOOK AT THIS VIEW:

sasquatch view

Drafthouse News

I can’t tell you all how much I love the Alamo, and it looks like the next time I’m in Austin, I’ll be going to a different place. I’ve mentioned all I’ve seen there (it’s a movie theater that serves food and drinks, and hosts numerous special events) and this is kind of big news! I don’t know how much I like the idea of waiting in a line outside on 6th Street next to all the drunks to see a movie, I hope they have plenty of indoor waiting room. 4th Street was far enough off the beaten path to not incur the crazies. We’ll have to see how it goes…

Alamo Drafthouse Downtown moves to the Ritz!

Ten years ago, my wife Karrie and I opened the doors to the original Colorado Street Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. We had just finished the most grueling six months of our lives, working on the construction every day, 7 days a week about 15 hours a day. We worked at a feverish pace and did damn near everything ourselves, mainly because we had no money. With a paltry sum raised by hitting up our parents and friends and an assortment of credit card loans, we installed new plumbing, air conditioning, electrical, and fabricated the screening room that we’ve been enjoying for the last decade. On opening day, we had $20,000 left in the bank, and with our freshly-hired staff, our first ever employees, that was enough to last us for about a month if no-one came to the theater. It was a miserably naive business plan.Thankfully, Austin responded to us quickly and we stand looking back ten years later to happily see the concept of our original cinema still intact. In the next three months, we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary by bringing back many of our classic events and guests. We hope you will join us many times in April through June as we celebrate and share some of our favorite movies of the past decade. Look for the red “10” logo in our printed guide for all anniversary screenings. – Tim League: founder, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

For the last 10 years, we have also seen the warehouse district grow up around us. As the neighborhood has become more and more upscale, we’ve seen many long-time businesses fall away: The Bitter End, Gilligans, Waterloo Brewing Co, and Ruta Maya to name just a few. At the end of June, 2007, our lease will expire and due to the high costs of rent, insurance and taxes, we have been not been confident that we would be able to continue occupying our current space. With the end of our lease looming, the Downtown Austin Alliance stepped in quickly and brought us together with the owners of the Ritz Theater on 6th Street. In a matter of weeks, we shook hands on a deal and are now moving full-steam ahead with planning for the next decade of Alamo Drafthouse Downtown programming: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema at the Ritz.

Renovation begins in April and we hope to be open as soon as possible, maybe as early as summer’s end. This theater will prove to be the best Alamo Drafthouse yet. While retaining the intimacy and programming of the original location, the Ritz will have two screens, plush VIP seating, state-of-the-art projection and sound and the new experience of a remodeled and renovated landmark Austin movie palace. Please stay tuned to the Alamo website and blog for progress on the construction as well as updates on opening week programming and events…

…For more information about the 10 Year Anniversary screenings at the original Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, check out our website. There are only a few months left to enjoy the original location, we hope to see you there soon and often! Every dollar you spend will be going towards the massive renovation overhaul of the Ritz. Also, stay tuned for information on the “last night at the Alamo” final screening and party!





Great Article, Site

Just how much time do you need to burn off that deep-fried Snickers? The Diet Detective’s Count Down by Charles Stuart Platkin, MPH, makes it easy to calculate how to compensate for your favorite treats “The idea is not to burn every bite but to help you decide what’s worth splurging on,” Platkin says. ~from Women’s Health

Check out the website!

It lets you know how much running or biking etc. that you’d have to do to work off what you’re eating. There’s a lot of other information there too, like tips for eating out.

this makes you fat

Starting Already

It should come as no surprise that as I get closer to moving, there are going to be things I get to hear about and become really sad that I won’t be able to do. KLRU has an Engaging Speaker series that will be featuring Anne Lamott in May. That one really got me, she’s someone I’ve always wanted to see speak.

People are already reminding me of all the fun things they themselves will be doing that I won’t be around for; the summer weather and the boating, the going to Zilker, the cookouts, the Mexican food.

In order to get over missing the old, we bought a guide book to Seattle to get us excited about the new. I’m already comparing it to New Zealand, and getting excited about the hiking, biking, and camping we’ll get to do. There’s the ferries, the islands, Canada, a mention of how close we would be to CHINA, the parks, the water, I want to travel the entire state and beyond. It seems to go without saying that a new adventure should win over a place you’ve lived forever, but Austin is, I think, one of the best cities in the US and it will be hard to leave, despite the excitement of Seattle.

My favorite person in the universe, my grandmother, all the way off in CT, and a woman who has been through more surgeries and new hips than anyone ever and is now a breast cancer SURVIVOR, has already let me know that when she comes she wants to go to Victoria. Ma’am. So there’s a lot to look forward to. Quit telling me how miserable I’ll be without you and 6th St. and margaritas. I’m hitting the Pacific Northwest.

Let’s Get Packing

One summer, I think when I was a sophomore at UT, I threw everything I had in a storage unit and moved to Wimberley to stay with an Aunt. By the end of that summer, thinking things were going to be fine, I moved into a new place, with a new roommate, and took my chances. Despite it feeling a little like Christmas to have my most treasured possessions returned to me – books and posters, I was in college – things from that point on went horribly, horribly wrong.

Now, facing a similar situation, but at a different stage in my life, I keep having flashbacks. We’ve almost moved all the junk in our garage and things we don’t need out of our place already. We’ve opted for a fully furnished type place in Seattle, so we’re not even taking the art on the walls. I have a lot of “those” things, that writers and comedians alike joke about – I’ll see you next time I move. Packing photos and furniture away is strange. MK keeps having to convince me the place won’t burn down. But more than that, history repeats itself. What if we get up there and MK decides he’s bi-polar, lies, cheats, steals, and goes off the deep end and escapes in a stolen car like that horrible roommate?

Well, maybe I’m overreacting slightly, but I can’t get over how that messed with my head back then. I used to never second guess anyone, or worry about anything. Now this life change has me getting nervous. I don’t like it. I’ll be fine when we get up there, it’s this next month that’s going to take some medication to get through.