SXSW Night (And Day!) Seven

Bloody Mary. Those two words were music to my ears – cliche appropriate due to the ringing also in my ears by now – Saturday at 12 at La Feria with KD. Anxious to head back downtown, we met everyone out at Red7. Again, with some amazing luck, we made it in the door right before the 2 hour line planted itself there for the rest of the afternoon. Words I also loved hearing, in response to “Who are we here to see?”: “It’s the David Cross showcase.” Perfect.

We saw the bands Deerhunter, The Ponys, The Black Lips, and The Walkmen. We got to see David Cross perform, as well as Brain Posehn and (I think, but may have to edit this list later) Bob Odenkirk, Zack Galifianakis, and the girl that does the news on SNL that isn’t Tina Fey.

Here’s David Cross. I saw him listening and performing, my friends E and P took a pic with him (I’m so jealous!):

dc.jpg dcp.jpg david-cross-and-friends.jpg

I really like the music that Deerhunter played, but I felt awful that I could not take my eyes off the lead singer. “The skinniest man on the face of the Earth,” claim the MySpacers. “He suffers from Marfan syndrome, try not to insult him,” others retort. The 1 in 5,000 Americans affected are typically tall, thin, and at risk of heart problems. Source(s): MySpace, March of Dimes,


The Ponys were decent, The Black Lips better, and The Walkmen, whom I’ve seen before, couldn’t really project fully enough the perfect way the vocals and the vintage instruments compliment each other. Outside seemed to be tough, and with 800 bands and all that equipment, I’m sure the sound guys were toast.


I did get to have my photo taken with Brian Posehn:


All that work drinking and rocking made us hungry. We went for sushi

sushi.jpg And got a ‘boatload’:sushi2.jpg

Here’s one more Frost Bank Tower pic:


From there we were headed to a party that ended up being canceled, so we re-routed our group to Firehouse, to see DJ Chicken George.

fire.jpg fun.jpg


It wasn’t like we forgot about St. Patrick’s Day either, there was plenty of that everywhere.


That about wrapped it up. We made it out each day, and now it is time to relax. We’ll all be going through party and drink withdrawals, and missing live music. I think it is safe to say that SXSW has been one of the best things I’ve finally been able to experience. It opened my eyes to so much new music to listen to, so much to think about, and so many new friends that I’m still in overload. I didn’t leave the house today, and it’s going to be tough to get back on schedule.

It’s cute that we all make jokes about the mad influx of hipsters, but our city has to embrace this week, this party we throw. It’s that good.

One thought on “SXSW Night (And Day!) Seven

  1. After the Saturday night I had, I’m now secretly glad I accidentally skipped all of SXSW this year. A WEEK of that, and I’d still be recovering by the time I head to Italy, and that would’ve pissed me off.

    I’m glad you guys had such a great time. I’m also glad I didn’t have to deal with very much of the SXSW traffic! Woohoo!

    NEXT YEAR, however, I’m TOTALLY in.

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