Starting Already

It should come as no surprise that as I get closer to moving, there are going to be things I get to hear about and become really sad that I won’t be able to do. KLRU has an Engaging Speaker series that will be featuring Anne Lamott in May. That one really got me, she’s someone I’ve always wanted to see speak.

People are already reminding me of all the fun things they themselves will be doing that I won’t be around for; the summer weather and the boating, the going to Zilker, the cookouts, the Mexican food.

In order to get over missing the old, we bought a guide book to Seattle to get us excited about the new. I’m already comparing it to New Zealand, and getting excited about the hiking, biking, and camping we’ll get to do. There’s the ferries, the islands, Canada, a mention of how close we would be to CHINA, the parks, the water, I want to travel the entire state and beyond. It seems to go without saying that a new adventure should win over a place you’ve lived forever, but Austin is, I think, one of the best cities in the US and it will be hard to leave, despite the excitement of Seattle.

My favorite person in the universe, my grandmother, all the way off in CT, and a woman who has been through more surgeries and new hips than anyone ever and is now a breast cancer SURVIVOR, has already let me know that when she comes she wants to go to Victoria. Ma’am. So there’s a lot to look forward to. Quit telling me how miserable I’ll be without you and 6th St. and margaritas. I’m hitting the Pacific Northwest.


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