I’ve been a little frustrated lately with the way some things in my life have been going. I am so blessed, so fortunate, to not need or want for anything. My life is full of wonderful people and great memories. Sometimes, despite all that, little things can get in the way. That can happen to everyone. I’m never one to admit something is wrong, I’d rather forget it or make it disappear. Unless it doesn’t make sense, then I worry. Lately, I’ve been worrying far too much.

I also don’t think in complete sentences, or thoughts. I’d found continually just when I think I had something or someone figured out, an event would come along to change my ideas completely. It was easier to simply coast along on the surface.

I had an amazing night last night. KE took me to Austin Stone Community Church. I haven’t been to any church in quite some time, and I’m pretty sure this was the problem in my life. The feeling was overwhelming. I can’t wait to belong, to continue to grow, to return to my faith, and to people who know what they are doing in this life: preparing for the next, and owning their being and serving others with it, not themselves.

It was truly a rewarding experience. I hadn’t expected much, from a 7pm service in the high school. I got so much more than I imagined. Real hope springs from turning my life around and getting excited again about doing something amazing.

Some Start A Conversation! Do it! I dare you!

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