SXSW 2009 – Saturday

We got off to a little bit of a late start Saturday. By the time we got downtown, LC had let us know not to bother with the 5 block long line at the Rachel Ray show. We took our time and enjoyed a lunch at the Brick Oven and headed over to the Mohawk Hot Freaks Showcase.

Boy were we glad we did. KD, SB, RB, and I picked the right place at the right time (again!). I got frisky with the door guy and finagled a crazy extra amount of extra free drink tickets. Yum. JC showed up and met us, and some of KD’s friends. We saw the Vivian Girls, Viva Voce, Camera Obscura, and Peelander-Z. Peelander-Zis the band you see three hundred pictures of. Maybe it was the 50 PBR’s, but their show was pretty hilarious.

JP and JC suggested that we go see the Gay Blades, a band that had played the Midgetmenshowcase Wednesday that I sadly missed. So we headed over to the Jackalope after joining up with DW. It was there I met my sister in law for the first time. Super exciting! We got along so well we didn’t even notice some band had canceled and there was no music. Oh well! The afternoon was a blast – my favorite kind of let’s all just go with the flow day. The Gay Blades music and showmanship was great and I was excited to be running around town in the great weather.

Click here for the ton of Saturday day show photos.

Everyone went their separate ways for the night and KD and I decided some home cooked food and a break sounded good. We headed to her place and not only caught the end of a close UT game, but saw the fireworks over Auditorium Shores for a show there right from her place. It was pretty amazing. A short snooze later we decided to check out the iheartcomix party, with a lineup that included Popo, Jaimie Fanatic, Maluca, and Diplo. We tried our best to ignore the strange surroundings, the weird crowd, and the warm beer, but couldn’t handle the awful sounding music and the wait in between sets. We made it to until about 2 and called it a night, sorry Diplo. That’s two years in a row I couldn’t hold out for you…We were glad to have made it out, but there are no photos, as there was not much to photograph. As far as I’m concerned, it’s best that we made it back out even if it was a bust, or we would have always wondered…


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SXSW 2009 – Friday

Friday KD dropped me off right on time to walk right in to a door with no line, where I could go inside and meet all the boys, get a wristband for all the beer I could drink for $2, and listen to more fantastic music. Yes, I went in. Yes, I got the wristband. Yes, Club Deville can sure throw a day party!

A few silly conversations and Tallboy PBR’s later, we saw a great lineup: The Obits, American Analog Set, The Thermals, and The Hold Steady.All good stuff. Other highlights of my day included seeing more old friends, watching the boys make everyone’s mouths drool by ordering a pizza, and switching from tallboys to normal size beers, but realizing that would mean a four-for-one plan would be set in place. I didn’t get a picture of the group, but I’ll find you one. We were the party, that’s my favorite!

Here’s the link to the Friday Day photo set.

I ran out to see my favorite band, pH10, on their way to setting up, and met up with LC, JA, etc at Side Bar and saw a band called Deer Tick. (Thanks, LC!) It was adorable. Look at the pictures. They are young. And fun.

Friday night KD and I met up with JC and finally remembered there are places to eat that don’t get busy, you just have to hunt for them. We ate at Saba, and super happily SA and JM ran over to say hello. We all ran in to the craziest bar party ever just to be able to have a drink and visit. It scared JC so much he went home- but it was exactly what I needed, a drink and loud music trying to get you excited. No one’s fault it wasn’t very good… SA and JM happened to be meeting up with a friend at the same place KD and I were headed – so I got to run into a friend from kickball – which you know is a long time ago since it was one of my first blog posts! We hung out for a bit and watched the few bands and WB also met up with us. Then it was time for Honeyclaws, a band I really enjoyed last year. It was fun to see how much they’ve improved and how they came together and adapted to better suit their individual styles.

WB gave in since it was late but KD and I made it all the way across town for the greatest performance from pH10. With a limited time to set up and rock out, they did just that. I couldn’t be happier to have such talented friends! We also caught i45. Fun stuff.

Here’s the link to the Friday Night photo set.


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SXSW 2009 – Thursday

Let’s get the recap party started.

I arrived in Austin Thursday afternoon. KD, being all business, picked me up and we headed to the Fader Fort, it was a great time to pick up our wristbands for that. We dumped my stuff and headed to the Red 7. The Mexican (full strength!) beer, the warm sun, and no idea what band I was about to see. The Hard Lessons killed it. And reminded me the music really was why I was here….

Lucero came out next. Another fun set of dancing rock music. And then, the Hold Steady. I started to feel spoiled. We were having a great time and I got to see almost all my old buddies right away. Then, the littlest man ever decided to pick a fight. Then a nice guy saved us. That’s why there are weird pictures, had to get one of the creepy guy and one of the nice guy. After the fact the story doesn’t have as much punch, but it was a continued theme throughout our weekend that I kept wondering if my marriage or life keeps the weirdos away…

I took so many pictures you all need to sign up for snapfish if you haven’t already, I can’t possibly get them all up here. This is the link to the Thursday day pics- click and join – it’s free!

That show ended and we happily headed over to the Fader Fort. As you know if you’ve read Who’s Going Softly, my favorite band is Massive Attack. I got to see them back at ACL. They got me in to Tricky, and he happened to be appearing at the Fader Fort. I was super excited. We had a little bad DJ set wait, and then as it got dark, this crazy beefed up rock star emerged and looked like he was tearing it up. He looked intense. Problem was we couldn’t really hear him all that well. We’ll chalk that show up to an experience, either way.

We wandered, ate, and went out for a show that I would love to tell you about – but I don’t know what any of the band names were, and all my pictures look like black rooms with red dots. Hmm…I bet that was because of the Free! Vodka!

Here’s the link to the second set of photos, Thursday Night. Trying to make this easy on you…

fader fort tree

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Free Limo Anyone?

TheRSVPing has begun. I’m just all up on the internet looking up last years parties (totally the first time this blog has been a resource for anyone) and trying to find the new ones. The free ones. The best ones. SXSW’s a little ways a way but sneaks up on us fast so I’m going for a head start so we’re not pulling a last year (Sparks at the house for hours of “where do we go from here?” debates). Actually that was funny but you know what I mean…

This year the intensity of my excitement is making me nervous. It’s honestly been a crappy couple weeks (months?). Don’t get me wrong- I love skiing and being here but as you know it’s been a little heartbreaking and sad. Getting back to Austin with some of the greatest people I know has me so happy. I hope SXSW can live up to these high expectations. I want to see pH10! I want that place packed! I want to get free drinks, not wait in lines! See the bands everyone is dying to see.

So imagine my chagrin when I see so many great line ups so far away from my foot-coverable ground. We couldn’t even find cabs to get us to the East side last year, it was a zoo. The buses were slow. So we need some help.  I’m going to go ahead and put out there that I need a limo. You put it out there you get it right? (We learned all about that JC and KD). No cab for me. We’re going all out. I want someone to volunteer to drive my friends and I around. Let’s all focus our energies or whatever (I didn’t read the book, what do you call it…) and it’ll come true. Right?

A girl can dream…

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Appreciating Your Understanding

Man, I miss you guys! This intermittent blogging is just not working for me! I’m not even sure what’s going on or what to tell you about. We’re sending the computer in so that’s the good news, mainly that it’s not my fault and will get fixed apparently under warranty. Bad news is I’m going to be begging for blogging during SXSW! That’s right folks, finally after much drama my flight is (correctly) booked and I’m off. I was nervous MK wasn’t going to send me but I convinced him getting away will be good for me. SB and others will be there and that has me super excited that this year will be the best yet. The party invites are already rolling in. The band list looks great, as always.

Hopefully KD will put up with my chronicling our adventures this year for posterity from her gear since I’ll be empty handed. Or maybe even JC’s iPhone would do the trick – Apple had a WordPress application that Blackberry doesn’t. Boo. If nothing else, know that I’ll take a ton of pictures and good notes!

In other quick blurt update kinda news we had a ton of snow this week. I still end up last all the time but have to admit I impressed myself – if no one else- this week by learning a lot about how to ski when you can’t see your skis.The pictures don’t do the snow of the crazy new runs justice. I almost want to get myself the shirt ASH liked, “Sometimes I amaze even myself!”

powder lotsa snow new run tb in powder me ski

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Where Do I Start?

How about some pictures? Click to enlarge!


The house before the first snowfall. The day we moved in.


The Canyons before snow. Our first day out tour.


Deer Valley before snow. Ditto.


How the B’s let us trash their home. For two weeks.


BB’s super sweet new ride.


The mall in DT SLC. Actually pretty nice.


Super cute Longhorn fans.


Teaching SB “Hook ‘Em!” Gotta start ’em early.


The B’s backyard light show. Epic sunsets where ever we go…


Visiting family in Austin.


That family’s amazing new home.


Back from 76 degrees in Austin to snow on the car at the airport.


How the snow looked that night.


And the next morning.


The backyard view after the first snowfall.


Our first drinks on a night out in DT SLC.


Fog early Sunday morning.

Normal Is Chaos

Oh, by the way- we’re in Austin. We moved into our new home on Halloween, spent the night checking out the kiddo’s costumes at the B’s, then grabbed a plane at the crack of dawn. MK wouldn’t let me party style announce our trip because apparently we had so much to do – I think that was mostly he wanted to be in peace while he had his Rudy’s, Taco Cabana, and Rudy’s breakfast tacos. And Brick Oven, and more Rudy’s.

We did accomplish going through all our things and I now have nothing to whine about missing besides my desk. It at first felt depressing but I can remind myself better now than I did years ago that it’s all an adventure some people wish for. PH was hilariously thinking it was a dream come true without any drama, setting her straight on our virtual eviction from paradise was fun. Also letting the H’s know if they don’t visit us in Winter Wonderland they are dead to us was hopefully productive – and hilarious.

Important to note is that it is November. If you feel like perusing- here’s last November. For the last two years I wrote books with NaNoWriMo in November. Last year I also blogged every day for NaBloPoMo. This year, I am going to focus on publishing a book instead of starting another one. And this bog clearly didn’t make the first week, so I’m going to keep it normal around here this month. That’s plenty.

Most importantly, there was this election- maybe you heard about it. It meant something very meaningful to me. MK and I got to take his mother to vote for the first time in her life. Regardless of the outcome – you know I’m not going to fight with you about that here – moments like that make a statement too. It was fun to watch the news into the night with her and hear MK answer all her questions.

We’ll be back in Park City soon – apparently we already missed the first snowfall. But I’m not too worried – something tells me there will be more.

Try Layering

Living in 100 degree weather for 8 years had some effect on me. In Seattle it was fine to wear jeans and a sweater all summer, but here in San Diego you’re on the beach! You want to wear a swim suit! Maybe a sundress! The weather living on the water is very inconsistent. There’s these ocean breezes and hot inland systems and something something something meteorology something so sometimes it can be quite cool and quite warm in the same day. Then if you’re driving inland… well, pack a couple outfits.

I have learned about myself from this. I have the world’s smallest range of comfortable temperature. And I think it’s 80 degrees. Maybe 80.1 to 80.2. One ocean breeze and I need a winter coat over that little sundress. Brr. In Texas I just needed a sweater for the AC certain places would blast. Here you have to position yourself out of the breeze. Those plexi/glass retainer type walls aren’t for decoration – you can’t lay out without them. It might be sunny, but it can feel like the temperature changes in the shade by 30 degrees or something.

I am imagining menopause. Since my body is already insane, it will either have no effect on me at all (sweet!) OR I will be able to make ice cubes for your drink in one hand and light your cigarette with the other.

hot flashes

Car Stereo (Wars) Mashup

Check it out! Car Stereo (Wars) created a mashup for the lineup to Austin City Limits 2008. Too cool. They haven’t even made a formal announcement yet, but I’m following the comments here to determine with everyone else’s help what all is in there. Listen to all the Car Stereo (Wars) music if you haven’t before, it’s great for workouts, as KD taught me long ago.

Who knows, maybe if I’m good I’ll get to go to ACL this year. The deal we’re trying to make is two music festivals a year, one always will be SXSW. Last year we had Sasquatch. LC had the great idea us ladies keep the good times rolling.

car stereo wars

UPDATE: Here’s the complete lineup.

SXSW 2008 – Night Five, The Grand Finale

Saturday did not stop. Around 10 or something we wrapped it up at the park and decided it was time to get things started. It’s our last night out, you know? Have to go out with a bang. So what do we do? We texted, we wandered. What is the plan? Imagine the surprise to run in to Fail Safe. They decide to go eat. Some stuff I don’t remember happened… We met back up. We decide to go to Vice Land. The super secret big deal after party. This party last year.

Some of us were on the list. Some of us were not.

You know, the more I think about it, the more I’m not sure if I want to tell you how we all got in. It’s kind of top secret. Not to mention our photos are all over this blog, and I don’t want to be blacklisted. Let’s just say my friends are genius. Like rocket science style. I can tell you what it didn’t involve, and that was money. Read this story. Suckers.

I met some writers. I actually met people that were astonishingly interesting to talk to. The Sparks helped. The ‘little people’ helped. AM dipping his hand into their sombreros looking for chips and dip helped. Ear plugs helped. Every time I’d hit a low, KD would pump me up. We had a little photo shoot. The last pics are all of our “Vice Party Dos”. We made that party, even if we were mostly oblivious to the rest of it. J listening to me ramble helped me stay awake. We were there almost 6 freaking hours people, I was delirious. I probably owe people apologizes for things I don’t know happened. T punching people in pictures helped. The leg guitar made my laugh muscles hurt:

Looking back, the only bad part of the never ending night was the bruise I’ve still got a week later on my ankle, due to some over zealous beach ball kicking. I can handle it.

You still haven’t looked at all my pictures? Here they are.

Last Year, Night Six

Last Year, The Finale