SXSW 2008 – Night Five, The Grand Finale

Saturday did not stop. Around 10 or something we wrapped it up at the park and decided it was time to get things started. It’s our last night out, you know? Have to go out with a bang. So what do we do? We texted, we wandered. What is the plan? Imagine the surprise to run in to Fail Safe. They decide to go eat. Some stuff I don’t remember happened… We met back up. We decide to go to Vice Land. The super secret big deal after party. This party last year.

Some of us were on the list. Some of us were not.

You know, the more I think about it, the more I’m not sure if I want to tell you how we all got in. It’s kind of top secret. Not to mention our photos are all over this blog, and I don’t want to be blacklisted. Let’s just say my friends are genius. Like rocket science style. I can tell you what it didn’t involve, and that was money. Read this story. Suckers.

I met some writers. I actually met people that were astonishingly interesting to talk to. The Sparks helped. The ‘little people’ helped. AM dipping his hand into their sombreros looking for chips and dip helped. Ear plugs helped. Every time I’d hit a low, KD would pump me up. We had a little photo shoot. The last pics are all of our “Vice Party Dos”. We made that party, even if we were mostly oblivious to the rest of it. J listening to me ramble helped me stay awake. We were there almost 6 freaking hours people, I was delirious. I probably owe people apologizes for things I don’t know happened. T punching people in pictures helped. The leg guitar made my laugh muscles hurt:

Looking back, the only bad part of the never ending night was the bruise I’ve still got a week later on my ankle, due to some over zealous beach ball kicking. I can handle it.

You still haven’t looked at all my pictures? Here they are.

Last Year, Night Six

Last Year, The Finale


6 thoughts on “SXSW 2008 – Night Five, The Grand Finale

  1. i just saw your honeyclaws photos. remember thomas sahs (DJ buddy)? well, he’s in that band. i recognize him from your awesome pics.

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