Second Major Announcement

The reason that I wrote this post was that I was keeping a secret. And having a hard time with it. To be fair, I wasn’t really even keeping the secret from that many people – I told a ton of family and friends. But they’re the ones that like the boring details. I wanted to try as hard as I could to NOT bore you all with those details. But it’s still a big secret, that I can finally tell you:

MK and I are buying a house! In Utah!

(Park City, don’t worry, the cool part!) We couldn’t really announce whether or not we were moving, or where to, until we knew for sure, and actually buying something sure can slow the decision down!

This is something most people do, so YOU might not think it’s THAT big of a deal. But this is us. The gypsies. If you haven’t been around all that long, read some old blog posts. I NEVER thought we’d really settle down*. I thought we’d be living off other people’s things in other people’s homes FOREVER.

The reason I kept the secret until now is that DUDE – home buying totally sucks. I wouldn’t be in a rush to do it again. And without giving you all the details of my personal business, we should not be having a hard time. We’re all, “We want this one, here’s some money, when can we move in?” But nooo. We have to of course deal with a thousand people that we can’t convince to get on the same page. Ugh. If you’ve been there, you know. And it might not be that shocking to you. But I’m not going to blog about trying to put offers in and wait on inspections and all that. (Yet another thing I’m bored about if you post it on Facebook). We had at one time in Austin been through the process on a dozen different houses and never ended up with one, so I didn’t see much of a point.

As a matter of fact – we don’t have keys in our hand yet. Our lease was up before we could close so we are yet again crashing at the B’s!

Here’s a picture of this time around:

Fall 09

Compared with last years for a laugh:

It may look similar – TB thought it was LESS stuff, until I reminded her we’ve also filled half their garage with our ski gear, and anything that won’t freeze.

Oh and by the way, here’s the gorgeous snow we got on our first day here:



*We’re not really settling down. We’re going to live in San Diego every summer and here every winter – at least – that’s the plan!


10 thoughts on “Second Major Announcement

  1. It’s about damn time! I remember the Austin house search. Not pleasant.

    I love this plan. It gives me both the excuse to attempt to continue skiing (and teach the kids!) now that I’ve actually found something that makes me not hate snow AND the opportunity to visit you in San Diego like any good friend would have done by now (and take the kids to the zoo!). YAY!

    Congrats on the house. . . and the decision on where to settle!

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