It’s Like Christmas

Fact of the matter is, y’all are about due for another major announcement. I’m prolonging it.

But MK and I are moving again. Which means if you’re a lucky chosen one, you get crap. I know, it’s terrible. But on principal, we can’t just throw away food. And one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? So remember, friend I’m bestowing cans of tuna on, I love you. And that’s really like 100$ worth of crap we just can’t fit, but we choose to share.

I have these serious mixed emotions trying to pawn off things on people. Things I didn’t use in almost six months. I don’t want you to think you’re not good enough for filets, but we eat those. And so we ask you if you’d like some leftover pickles in a half empty jar.

I would take your scraps. I get it. The money has been spent. The buy-one-get-ten sale can be too much for anyone. So there are have leftovers. And my laptop and eyeliner are getting in the moving van before the Crystal Light.

So thanks for using our things. Or if you move, thanks for giving us your things. It’s a circle of Christmas re-giving of random room-making expendables that “GYPSIES” like MK and I come to count on!


8 thoughts on “It’s Like Christmas

  1. I have a giant box of Bisquick and Costco-size tub of salsa that you can have back when you get here. 🙂 And probably a few other things….

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