As you may have heard- or read – me mention, I’m going to compete (technically, not a competition) in National Novel Writing Month. Little would you know from reading this travesty of a blog, in my dreams I am a published author. So, what better way to get the creative juices flowing then a contest (non-competitive though it is) that challenges me to just simply finish 50,000 words of something that doesn’t even have to be good, or get published?

I know, you’re thrilled. Coming soon: A month of blogging about writer’s block. It’s getting closer…

Anyone want to join me?

writing journal and pen

Calendar Of Depression

I have a calendar reserved just for this purpose: I record the good, the bad, and the ugly. C = cardio, W = weights, and D = drinking (yes even one drink).

I started working out maybe in March ’06, before the wedding to try and get a little toned up for my backless dress. MK got me the best personal trainer ever, and I did three days a week with her and tried to also get a day or two of cardio in. After the wedding in May, I really wanted to keep up with it and become a woman of physical prowess…but it was tough with work being so stressful.

We cut back on the drinking big time, which I was hoping would lose me 20 lbs., but that didn’t happen. In fact, all the muscles did was make me depressed that I’m GAINING weight each time I get on a scale, so I threw the scale out the window. Now, since I don’t have to jump into a monkey suit each morning, I’m going to be working it.

My goals are a MINIMUM of 1 hour of cardio each day I make it to the gym, going for at LEAST every other week day. I’ll be no doubt changing it up in the future and posting each month what worked and what didn’t.

My debate now is if kickball actually counts as any exercise (I’d like to just at least not have to put the “D” up there…)

And chances are good, if you see me, from now on it’ll be in gym shorts!

get beefy

Sweet Dreams

Yet another great thing about the lack of a job: No Monday mornings.

When MK and I were first dating, he introduced me to Musical Starstreams. It’s a radio program on 107.1 KGSR on Sunday nights from 10-12. Downtempo electronica and stuff. Fast forward to being married and working. MK always wants to listen to this in the new theater room, all the lights off, pillows, etc. Problem was, I’d fall asleep, wake up at 2 am and be a mess all Monday at work from being tired.

Now, without a care in the world, I was able to stay up with him. It was very sweet.

musical starstreams

Kickball Hilarity Ensues

Mom, come down for a kickball game. This would make up for the last 15 years you had me participating in sports. It’s make up for you sitting, watching and waiting for any accomplishment. Somehow, I’m NOT the worst player on the team. I make plays.

Sure, we keep losing miserably (8-0 this time) but that’s really more likely due to the fact that we don’t practice, everyone gets hurt, no one calls the ball, etc. etc. I get to be catcher, and I’ve even become the FUN ONE of the whole team. It’s really quite a sight.

You probably would even make a great coach. We’ve got no where to go but up…

red rubber ball

How CAN People Work?

There must be at least 6000 internet celebrity gossip blogs! I’ve discovered web-pages dedicated to things I didn’t know EXISTED! Now I know why my tech-savvy brothers haven’t left their bedrooms since 1995 – the internet has SO MUCH STUFF!

This whole Wikipedia thing is crazy! I am learning so much useless information (about stuff like Cuba, tarantulas, golf, you get the idea…) I now have yahoo mail, a new myspace profile, a bunch of auctions on ebay, at least 5 blogs to read a day…there’s Boing Boing, there’s Fark, bands to check tour dates on, TV programming to put in my schedule…

I can’t even figure out how people work all day, there’s too much internet going on!


ACL Chronicles III

Sunday was rough. I woke up with a bad head cold. I doped myself up on Nyquil and off we went!

The Music:

  • KT Tunstall – pretty good. That “cherry tree” song didn’t even bother me that much.
  • Jack Ingram – I’m guessing is from Texas and is even worse that Corey Morrow or Pat Green – too country, not enough country music.
  • Matisyahu – all the songs kind of sounded alike but were good. Fun show.
  • The New Pornographers – almost ruined my weekend and quite possibly could have driven me to rip my ears off my head if it weren’t for me leaving to get a snow cone.
  • Ben Harper– good every time. The Marley’s went up and sang for the finale – what a great memory to have.
  • MUSE – was excellent. Didn’t fit in with the rest of all this hippie music but woke everyone up. Loved it.
  • Tom Petty – we got great seats – and he played 4 songs.

Then the rain came. About half the crowd left. We walked slow, the rain slowed, and sure enough he made it back out for another hour of music. Some a little slow, but that was tolerable – I just watched snippy dance. Like Van Morrison, another classic I can check off my list…but no where near as thrilling as some past ACL headliners.

The Festival:

  • was humid
  • MK found a dollar – so he had a good time
  • we got free (albeit nasty) pizza for dinner
  • skirts are better than shorts
  • I was happy it was over when it was over!!