How CAN People Work?

There must be at least 6000 internet celebrity gossip blogs! I’ve discovered web-pages dedicated to things I didn’t know EXISTED! Now I know why my tech-savvy brothers haven’t left their bedrooms since 1995 – the internet has SO MUCH STUFF!

This whole Wikipedia thing is crazy! I am learning so much useless information (about stuff like Cuba, tarantulas, golf, you get the idea…) I now have yahoo mail, a new myspace profile, a bunch of auctions on ebay, at least 5 blogs to read a day…there’s Boing Boing, there’s Fark, bands to check tour dates on, TV programming to put in my schedule…

I can’t even figure out how people work all day, there’s too much internet going on!


Some Start A Conversation! Do it! I dare you!

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