ACL Chronicles III

Sunday was rough. I woke up with a bad head cold. I doped myself up on Nyquil and off we went!

The Music:

  • KT Tunstall – pretty good. That “cherry tree” song didn’t even bother me that much.
  • Jack Ingram – I’m guessing is from Texas and is even worse that Corey Morrow or Pat Green – too country, not enough country music.
  • Matisyahu – all the songs kind of sounded alike but were good. Fun show.
  • The New Pornographers – almost ruined my weekend and quite possibly could have driven me to rip my ears off my head if it weren’t for me leaving to get a snow cone.
  • Ben Harper– good every time. The Marley’s went up and sang for the finale – what a great memory to have.
  • MUSE – was excellent. Didn’t fit in with the rest of all this hippie music but woke everyone up. Loved it.
  • Tom Petty – we got great seats – and he played 4 songs.

Then the rain came. About half the crowd left. We walked slow, the rain slowed, and sure enough he made it back out for another hour of music. Some a little slow, but that was tolerable – I just watched snippy dance. Like Van Morrison, another classic I can check off my list…but no where near as thrilling as some past ACL headliners.

The Festival:

  • was humid
  • MK found a dollar – so he had a good time
  • we got free (albeit nasty) pizza for dinner
  • skirts are better than shorts
  • I was happy it was over when it was over!!

One thought on “ACL Chronicles III

  1. You’re the first person to confirm that Petty did in fact come back (you’re also the first person I’ve actually read on the subject). I left with the rest of the hoard in the rain.

    You’re also the first person to threaten to rip their own ears off (since Van Gogh). Glad you survived.

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