ACL Chronicles II

acl cowboys

Saturday we got to go to KD’s for breakfast before we hit the festival. Excellent.

Got down to the park to see:

  • Murder by Death – pretty rockin’
  • I Love you but I’ve Chosen Darkness
  • Ben Kweller – read here for snippy’s account – I’ve known Ben Kweller for a while and didn’t quite see him as the tampon type…
  • Nada Surf – yes, the band that sings “Popular” – they have some other good stuff too…
  • The Shins
  • The Raconteurs – awesome.
  • Massive Attack!!! – we got to sit in the very front. If you know me, you know there are many reasons this band resonates with me. It has been the soundtrack of my life in Texas. So no pressure for them to be incredible or anything…

We got right in front and the first thing that happens is an announcement that one of the guys isn’t there ‘cuz his wife had a baby last night. So they don’t get to songs with him I really like, but other than that it was a great time. That music goes THROUGH you. You wanna hear it? I’ll BUY you “Mezzanine”. That’s how good they are.

The Other Stuff:

  • Bands think it’s cool to reference other bands – why? As in “Oh, hey, we’re Nada Surf. We see you leaving for TV on the Radio, they’re great. Wish we could go”. All night this went on. Lame.
  • Stop talking. You didn’t pay $200 for your little wristband to come see all these bands you like and talk through the entire show. I didn’t pay to listen to YOU.
  • STOP SMOKING you disgusting dirty people. IT’S GROSS.

ACL Chronicles I

austin city limits stage

FridaySnippy and I ran our errands. We made it down to the park at about 2:30.

The Music:

  • Deadboy and the Elephantmen. Only saw two songs – but excellent.
  • We passed by Tristan Prettyman – too pretty to sing, should find an acting job.
  • Wolf Parade – never heard of them before, just passed by. Really liked them and will be checking them out.
  • Matt Nathanson – Snippy’s suggestion – funny guy. The only person we saw all weekend with a stage presence that we didn’t want to throw something at when they talked.
  • Gnarls Barkley. Didn’t make me “crazy”.
  • We ate then got to see Thievery Corporation – my favorite show of the day. Didn’t know them before, will also be checking out.
  • We were told to go check out a band called The Tragically Hip – totally not for me. Just loud yelling. “Loud noises – loud NOISES“.
  • Finally, John Mayer – I’ve heard endless conversations about how good John Mayer is live, but to me exactly the same as on the CD isn’t extraordinary.
  • Van Morrison ended the night. Apparently, Van Morrison is 852 years old and is sick of singing the songs everyone knows.

The Festival:

  • Ran out of pizza
  • Had pretty clean toilets
  • Wasn’t TOO hot
  • People dance funny
  • We shared our hand sanitizer
  • Fell asleep as soon as we got home to be ready for tomorrow!!

Kickball: Not For Babies

You have no idea how tough I am. I play a sport where PEOPLE BREAK THEIR ANKLES.

After our game, someone has to stay and line judge 2nd base. We were hanging out doing that and watching the second game. An outfielder caught the ball, ran into first, and fell over in pain. I WATCHED his ankle brake from 20 feet away.

I play a SERIOUS sport.

But don’t worry Mom, I don’t catch the ball ever, so I won’t get hurt. 😉

Edited to add: Sorry, Mom, I didn’t mention OUR game because we didn’t win…but we’re over that since at least NO ONE ON OUR TEAM IS BROKEN.

Austin City Limits

Since last night is now know as “The night I’d prefer to never talk about again and so help me DO NOT even TALK about football”, like any night when the Longhorns lose, let’s move on to a happier discussion:

Austin City Limits.

In my dream world, SC, MK, and I will neither be iffy nor sleepy nor too thirsty nor need to use the port-o-potty hardly ever. We WILL, however, make it to all the shows we want to see and the bands we like will play all our favorite songs and we will dance and snippy will take amazing photos and everything will be perfect.

austin city limits logo

Here’s hoping!

The Day Has Come

austin sports and social club

No, not the one that Katie Couric was all excited about.

No, not for Suri Cruise fans everywhere.


Yes, my friends, it’s time for the 1st game of KICKBALL.

At this point, my team has the following obstacles:

Dunno who’s bringing the beer, not sure what we’re wearing, not sure where the field is, supposed to have a kicking order, dunno how big the ball is, not sure everyone’s even gonna show, do we have enough girls, who’s bringing the beer.

Game’s in T minus three hours. Wish us luck.