ACL Chronicles I

austin city limits stage

FridaySnippy and I ran our errands. We made it down to the park at about 2:30.

The Music:

  • Deadboy and the Elephantmen. Only saw two songs – but excellent.
  • We passed by Tristan Prettyman – too pretty to sing, should find an acting job.
  • Wolf Parade – never heard of them before, just passed by. Really liked them and will be checking them out.
  • Matt Nathanson – Snippy’s suggestion – funny guy. The only person we saw all weekend with a stage presence that we didn’t want to throw something at when they talked.
  • Gnarls Barkley. Didn’t make me “crazy”.
  • We ate then got to see Thievery Corporation – my favorite show of the day. Didn’t know them before, will also be checking out.
  • We were told to go check out a band called The Tragically Hip – totally not for me. Just loud yelling. “Loud noises – loud NOISES“.
  • Finally, John Mayer – I’ve heard endless conversations about how good John Mayer is live, but to me exactly the same as on the CD isn’t extraordinary.
  • Van Morrison ended the night. Apparently, Van Morrison is 852 years old and is sick of singing the songs everyone knows.

The Festival:

  • Ran out of pizza
  • Had pretty clean toilets
  • Wasn’t TOO hot
  • People dance funny
  • We shared our hand sanitizer
  • Fell asleep as soon as we got home to be ready for tomorrow!!

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